Monday, 18 December 2017

RBRR things to do online now

The new website we are running the RBRR off has many interesting features, not all are enabled yet BUT the RBRR admin side of it is pretty much complete.
One of the main features we all wanted was the ability to self serve - many of you had a decent experience of this when applying for a place. Even successful entries had a few teething issues. Keith and I popped the hood of the new system and twisted a few wires together to get things working for you, well now there's a need to tidy up a few of those tweaks and to complete some things that are missing.
Here's where you can all help.
First thing, please update your website profile on this is where we will drawn phone numbers, and addresses (physical and email) from in order to communicate with you. Check your email and mobile number are correct.
Whilst you're in there, check that you have recorded all your cars too please.

Now you can take a look at your entry and make sure it has your mobile phone number and those of your crew. This is not visible to everyone online but is useful to the organisers to push urgent information out to you.

If you had issues signing up and needed my help to get an entry in, please check and update every page of your entry, some of these were done in a hurry so I expect there may be some typos in there.

If you owe an entry fee that will come up as you page through updating your entry, when it does, please input your payment details and complete. Whilst we will be patient we have to be fair to all who have paid up already - you will be hounded but it's a bit of a pain to keep chasing - I have many keen crews asking when they will be off the reserve list so your shoes will be filled instantly if you decide to withdraw or if you ignore me.

Adding an extra crewman after an entry has been accepted - this caused some issues so let me explain.
You can add a third or even a fourth crewmen after the entry BUT you'll have to do it through me. The reason for this is that we didn't want large number changes in the events system as it gets used to number critical events like the Ten Countries where hotel bookings are made. It's important but not critical on the RBRR.
If you want to add a crewman email me and I'll sort it out, we are working on a simple way to collect payment. For those who have done this I will contact you when the method is sorted and we'll try it out.

Finally, thank you for your patience and understanding.


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