Friday, 8 December 2017

Reservists - a call to action!!

I've done some renumbering and general tidying up of the list. Apologies if your number has changed, some have some haven't.

If you were on the reserve list or were an entry affected by system access issues then you have not yet paid for a place and this post is for you.

You need to check the list and your personal messages as you may now be showing a status of "reserve -payment now due".

That means you can take up a place once you complete the details and pay, after payment your entry will show as "Submitted" and then I'll check the entry and make it "Live" like the others. 

To take up the place please amend your entry and that will take you to the payment screen. 

If you no longer want the place please let me know and I'll recycle it. I think it's fair that we give reservists a month to take up these places then we'll cancel that unpaid entry and go to the next entry on the list.

Any problems please let me know ASAP 

For those who have incomplete entries due to our technical difficulties, please get onto this now and use the fixes and instructions sent to you.

First sign into the new site and make sure your profile is complete. If you were unable to submit your entry because you didn't have an ENTER button then this was likely to be due to an incomplete profile. To fix this, sign in and go to your profile page then to Settings then Access member details - fill in the form and click on it, it should pull through your details from the old database. If there’s an issue it will fail and send details to Keith so he can investigate. 

 Please don't ignore or forget about this, we have a large reserve list and if you don't take up your place in a month I will have to recycle it. If you have problems we can help but only if you get in touch - mashing the keyboard with the same ineffective cursing will only get your frustrated, Keith and I are happy to help.

Finally, thank you for your patience, this has not been an easy task and I appreciate that some people have missed out and are on a reserve list. I've never seen the list fill up so fast. We will always try and get as many cars out on the run as we can. I promise that as soon as places become free I will get them filled from the list as quickly as I can.


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