Thursday, 21 December 2017

Adding a crewman and how to top up the entry fee for doing so.

This involves a little status trickery for me but your bit  can be done entirely on

First off, PM me through the new website with the name of your new crewman (once on the system, you can change this or any of your entry details yourself later).

Using the new website for PMs means that I can use a single screen to flip between your PM and your entry, make the changes and then PM you back - it ensures I get the right entry!

I will then add the name on and set your entry status to 'reserve', this will then mean that you can go into edit your entry and pay.

To edit your entry, sign into the new site, click on the entry link and then find your entry, it should say 'reserve' or 're submit', then click on it to display it. Now click 'edit'. Using the 'next' button, click through your entry screens checking and amending details as you go. You will then arrive at the payment screen and be asked to pay - please check the details before paying to ensure yo are getting charged the right fee.

Once completed you should be returned to the entry list and your status should now be 'submitted' - once I manually check it, I'll change the status to 'live' and we're done.

Monday, 18 December 2017

RBRR things to do online now

The new website we are running the RBRR off has many interesting features, not all are enabled yet BUT the RBRR admin side of it is pretty much complete.
One of the main features we all wanted was the ability to self serve - many of you had a decent experience of this when applying for a place. Even successful entries had a few teething issues. Keith and I popped the hood of the new system and twisted a few wires together to get things working for you, well now there's a need to tidy up a few of those tweaks and to complete some things that are missing.
Here's where you can all help.
First thing, please update your website profile on this is where we will drawn phone numbers, and addresses (physical and email) from in order to communicate with you. Check your email and mobile number are correct.
Whilst you're in there, check that you have recorded all your cars too please.

Now you can take a look at your entry and make sure it has your mobile phone number and those of your crew. This is not visible to everyone online but is useful to the organisers to push urgent information out to you.

If you had issues signing up and needed my help to get an entry in, please check and update every page of your entry, some of these were done in a hurry so I expect there may be some typos in there.

If you owe an entry fee that will come up as you page through updating your entry, when it does, please input your payment details and complete. Whilst we will be patient we have to be fair to all who have paid up already - you will be hounded but it's a bit of a pain to keep chasing - I have many keen crews asking when they will be off the reserve list so your shoes will be filled instantly if you decide to withdraw or if you ignore me.

Adding an extra crewman after an entry has been accepted - this caused some issues so let me explain.
You can add a third or even a fourth crewmen after the entry BUT you'll have to do it through me. The reason for this is that we didn't want large number changes in the events system as it gets used to number critical events like the Ten Countries where hotel bookings are made. It's important but not critical on the RBRR.
If you want to add a crewman email me and I'll sort it out, we are working on a simple way to collect payment. For those who have done this I will contact you when the method is sorted and we'll try it out.

Finally, thank you for your patience and understanding.


Friday, 8 December 2017

Reservists - a call to action!!

I've done some renumbering and general tidying up of the list. Apologies if your number has changed, some have some haven't.

If you were on the reserve list or were an entry affected by system access issues then you have not yet paid for a place and this post is for you.

You need to check the list and your personal messages as you may now be showing a status of "reserve -payment now due".

That means you can take up a place once you complete the details and pay, after payment your entry will show as "Submitted" and then I'll check the entry and make it "Live" like the others. 

To take up the place please amend your entry and that will take you to the payment screen. 

If you no longer want the place please let me know and I'll recycle it. I think it's fair that we give reservists a month to take up these places then we'll cancel that unpaid entry and go to the next entry on the list.

Any problems please let me know ASAP 

For those who have incomplete entries due to our technical difficulties, please get onto this now and use the fixes and instructions sent to you.

First sign into the new site and make sure your profile is complete. If you were unable to submit your entry because you didn't have an ENTER button then this was likely to be due to an incomplete profile. To fix this, sign in and go to your profile page then to Settings then Access member details - fill in the form and click on it, it should pull through your details from the old database. If there’s an issue it will fail and send details to Keith so he can investigate. 

 Please don't ignore or forget about this, we have a large reserve list and if you don't take up your place in a month I will have to recycle it. If you have problems we can help but only if you get in touch - mashing the keyboard with the same ineffective cursing will only get your frustrated, Keith and I are happy to help.

Finally, thank you for your patience, this has not been an easy task and I appreciate that some people have missed out and are on a reserve list. I've never seen the list fill up so fast. We will always try and get as many cars out on the run as we can. I promise that as soon as places become free I will get them filled from the list as quickly as I can.


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Crikey, it starts again: RBRR 2018

Blimey, what a vote for the RBRR! 
141no entries (I think) by this morning, all within 3.5 days. At one point on Friday evening just after the event entry had opened, we were receiving an entry every 90 seconds...!

Thanks all that have entered for the support of the Club's event. Massive thanks to my Club colleague's Keith Bennett and Jason Chinn, bloody heroic effort chaps, cheers! Got to say I loved Friday evening, watching the entries come in, was a sort of CT Election evening! I took many a call from many who were anxious about getting a place, Keith and Jason did the work to allay fears.

Please note that we will inevitably receive some withdrawals during the count down to the event’s start at Knebworth, so do not despair if you have not secured an entry into the event, places will become available. To aid this we will run a Reserve Listing, you can do this online or contact Jason and he will put you on the list. 

At present I think we have 1 team on that list. Spaces for the list will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once a space becomes available, Jason will contact you by email (Head the email 'RBRR', send to: to see if you want the place. Just to give an idea about how many teams enter and how many actually start, in 2016, we received 167no entries, but 136no started. 140 is the most that the event can deal with, breakfasts at the JOG and LE being the limiting factor.

Over 20% of the entry is new to the event, welcome those that are new, we hope that the event lives up to its billing. Do you realise that for many the event is addictive and not only will you want to take part in 2020, but you will start to think what can be done to improve the ability of your car! This of course has the by product in that we support the Triumph parts industry, by spending hard earned on parts that actually work! No chinese junk for RBRRers! Suppliers of overdrive units have done well from the RBRR!

As you all know, the RBRR will be supporting Epilepsy Research UK, in the next few weeks I will email all entrants to let them know how to get the ball rolling on the donation front. Last times £97.5K amount is a big target, lets try and surpass that.

After getting started on that and your car preparation, the first major date to remember will be the RBRR Drivers Meeting. This will be held at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, on Saturday 22nd September 2018-seems along way off eh!

Great to see that most models of the Triumph range have been entered, we also have one Standard and a pre-war Triumph taking part. Dirk who usually brings his Renown over from Holland is bringing his pre-war Triumph over, hardy or what!

Noticed a lot more Dolomites and 1300/1500s this time, but strangely enough, no Acclaims, most weird. Think there are 3 1300s in the list at present, not many of those super little cars have taken part before. As ever, shed loads of big Saloons within that list and we hope at least one ex works rally car will be present. Also, we are hopeful that RBRR stalwarts Alan Chatterton and Andy Roberts will be using their 3 Del Lines Stag engined Saloons/Estates, should be impressive to see those beasties on the event.

One of things I like about the RBRR is that we do receive new CT members who are long standing members of other Clubs taking part. We always attract members from the 2000/2500 Register, but this year we seem to have enjoyed an influx from the Triumph Dolomite Club and the TR Register. Of those 3 Clubs, at least one member of each club's respective management groups have entered the event. The RBRR has indirectly done a lot to encourage inter club relations, something that has been sometimes been difficult within the disparate UK Triumph scene.

This leads onto the entry into the event by European crews, welcome to you all. We are honored to have you take part. Some of you have entered beforet, but a few are new, we hope that you have fun and enjoy some parts of the UK that you will not have seen on UK travels. Note, the RBRR is not political and loves Europeans, welcome!

Talking about parts of the UK, I had better get my finger out and start to sort out the Controls. Sadly one or two longstanding RBRR controls will not be used this time, we hope to find Controls that are as suitable and as atmospheric as before. Do not worry, we do hope to be able to visit Pimperne again!

Anyway, enough of my drivel, remember, keep your eyes on the road, and your hands upon the wheel, yikes!



PS. Club Triumph RBRR site:
PSS, Please try and make your own entry changes online, problem(?), we will do our best to help.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

RBRR 2016 10 out of 10

A quick update now everyone has had time to rest and the post run blues have started to ebb away, hopefully leaving fond memories of shed heroics, stunning Scottish roads bathed in autumnal sunshine, menacing ink black welsh mountain roads being taken on by Lucas prince of darkness, the lingering smell of EP90 and the roar of a six pot.
Thank you to all who took part and entered into the true spirit of the event 50 years on from that first run back in 1966, with any event there are things to be learnt and the post event meeting process will start in November please feel free to feedback via the CT forum or email

Personally it was a 10 out of 10 event for me-the event scoring 10 and it was the 10th run I have completed –the same  crew took part in 1996 we have deducted we may look older but haven’t really grown up-the evidence being Homers ditty driving into JoG - rhyming JoG  with things that happen to goats etc
My favorite Shed in the Highlands

So some quick stats-

133 starters

119 finishers

Seems fuel pumps were top of the list for causing problems this year – my personal preference is to fit electric pump with a pressure regulator depending on the type of carburettor’s your running (i.e. webers or SU) and carry a known good mechanical spare and associated pipe work allowing a quick fit/fix.

The charity total is looking very healthy I am sure we can bump it up a bit before handing over the cheque in march-apparently 20% of donations come in after an event

Photos- as you can imagine thanks to the superb weather there have been some stunning photos taken with lots getting posted via various social media sites- Dale our hard working and very busy club mag editor has kindly offered to judge some of the best ones, the “prize” being getting it on the front cover of a forthcoming copy of “Club Torque” could we ask that any photo you would like to be judged be posted to the CT forum RBRR 2016 picturefolder – if you don’t have access as you were a non-CT member of the car crew get you CT member to post it on the CT forum for you !
More post run updates stories and pictures to follow!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Not long now....

Thank you all to who attended the Drivers meeting -hopefully new and old entrants all got something useful from it-
So you all have your road books -now is the time to mark up your road atlas- use a highlighter that can been seen under map light.. work out were you will need fuel ..
You know where the control halts are and  where the passage controls are -you know your car better than anyone out where to splash and dash so to speak!

Car prep ..please please re-read the preparation tips on this blog ..look above for the page...don't pack a boot full of new spares..what's the point of having new hoses in the boot them now!

WZL (westonzoyland)  Is a new one to replace the soulless Gordarno services with its overpriced bad coffee and undermanned services ..but be aware its a long haul from Glenrid services where you need fill the car with fuel...personally I plan to call into Gordarno to "splash and dash" with fuel to make sure I am not on sediment filled fumes down the M5 to WZL (there is another services at Segdgemoor about 20 miles south or Gordarno..but you should all know this after looking at the atlas! )

There will be a catering van at WZL please use it! they have been very supportive of the event and are turning up just for us ..if you have any special requirements/requests you can let Vicki know via their facebook page here ..
treacle well tea rooms

Watch this space for more updates!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Who fancies a test run?

Today's top tip is to get out and test those cars ..get some miles on them,remind yourself what fun it can be driving these old cars which properly engage  you in the pleasure and spirit of driving for fun..not sure where to go for a drive out have a weekend to fill? then why not get your entry in for Club Triumphs border raiders?
Shed control received the following communication from Raider HQ 

"Hi Shed Control!
Attached are the regs (click for link) and some photos from last year.
The run is a two day event starting at Kelbrook with an overnight in Dumfries.
The route will be non Motorway but easy to follow thanks to Mik's planning and printed route info.
Generally a good sociable time for all with stops for cream teas and a meal together each evening as people wish so we can talk about the driving. There will be non Triumphs so there's a bit of variety with an MGF, a TVR and a Rover 214i (mine that I am loaning to a friend).
Dates are August 6th and 7th"