Thursday, 13 October 2016

RBRR 2016 10 out of 10

A quick update now everyone has had time to rest and the post run blues have started to ebb away, hopefully leaving fond memories of shed heroics, stunning Scottish roads bathed in autumnal sunshine, menacing ink black welsh mountain roads being taken on by Lucas prince of darkness, the lingering smell of EP90 and the roar of a six pot.
Thank you to all who took part and entered into the true spirit of the event 50 years on from that first run back in 1966, with any event there are things to be learnt and the post event meeting process will start in November please feel free to feedback via the CT forum or email

Personally it was a 10 out of 10 event for me-the event scoring 10 and it was the 10th run I have completed –the same  crew took part in 1996 we have deducted we may look older but haven’t really grown up-the evidence being Homers ditty driving into JoG - rhyming JoG  with things that happen to goats etc
My favorite Shed in the Highlands

So some quick stats-

133 starters

119 finishers

Seems fuel pumps were top of the list for causing problems this year – my personal preference is to fit electric pump with a pressure regulator depending on the type of carburettor’s your running (i.e. webers or SU) and carry a known good mechanical spare and associated pipe work allowing a quick fit/fix.

The charity total is looking very healthy I am sure we can bump it up a bit before handing over the cheque in march-apparently 20% of donations come in after an event

Photos- as you can imagine thanks to the superb weather there have been some stunning photos taken with lots getting posted via various social media sites- Dale our hard working and very busy club mag editor has kindly offered to judge some of the best ones, the “prize” being getting it on the front cover of a forthcoming copy of “Club Torque” could we ask that any photo you would like to be judged be posted to the CT forum RBRR 2016 picturefolder – if you don’t have access as you were a non-CT member of the car crew get you CT member to post it on the CT forum for you !
More post run updates stories and pictures to follow!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Not long now....

Thank you all to who attended the Drivers meeting -hopefully new and old entrants all got something useful from it-
So you all have your road books -now is the time to mark up your road atlas- use a highlighter that can been seen under map light.. work out were you will need fuel ..
You know where the control halts are and  where the passage controls are -you know your car better than anyone out where to splash and dash so to speak!

Car prep ..please please re-read the preparation tips on this blog ..look above for the page...don't pack a boot full of new spares..what's the point of having new hoses in the boot them now!

WZL (westonzoyland)  Is a new one to replace the soulless Gordarno services with its overpriced bad coffee and undermanned services ..but be aware its a long haul from Glenrid services where you need fill the car with fuel...personally I plan to call into Gordarno to "splash and dash" with fuel to make sure I am not on sediment filled fumes down the M5 to WZL (there is another services at Segdgemoor about 20 miles south or Gordarno..but you should all know this after looking at the atlas! )

There will be a catering van at WZL please use it! they have been very supportive of the event and are turning up just for us ..if you have any special requirements/requests you can let Vicki know via their facebook page here ..
treacle well tea rooms

Watch this space for more updates!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Who fancies a test run?

Today's top tip is to get out and test those cars ..get some miles on them,remind yourself what fun it can be driving these old cars which properly engage  you in the pleasure and spirit of driving for fun..not sure where to go for a drive out have a weekend to fill? then why not get your entry in for Club Triumphs border raiders?
Shed control received the following communication from Raider HQ 

"Hi Shed Control!
Attached are the regs (click for link) and some photos from last year.
The run is a two day event starting at Kelbrook with an overnight in Dumfries.
The route will be non Motorway but easy to follow thanks to Mik's planning and printed route info.
Generally a good sociable time for all with stops for cream teas and a meal together each evening as people wish so we can talk about the driving. There will be non Triumphs so there's a bit of variety with an MGF, a TVR and a Rover 214i (mine that I am loaning to a friend).
Dates are August 6th and 7th"

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Ins and Outs ...entry list that is

Well its been a month for ins and outs ..a few crews have withdrawn and a few reserves joined as I write the entry is at 153..

Its a lot of cars and crew..and plenty for the organising team to be dealing with,please make sure you can make the Drivers Meeting
There is another organising team meeting planned for the end of July we will post up some more details then.

So back to the cars hope preparations are going well and the cars have been taken out for some good shake down runs..

Today's  top tip is relays!
Rather than all the current flowing through your 40 year old stalk  switch to your new high wattage headlights and spot lights melting the contacts by Blythe services why not install some relays that can handle the current flow ?-even better if you can replace the output wiring feeding the load as well with new suitably rated cable and connectors protected where needed in sleeving.

Friday, 3 June 2016

New Starts,stops and all getting busy!


The organising team got together on the 28th –two Triumphs and a Scimitar made it to the meeting.
You should have had an email from Jedi Tim- if not a copy can be found on “Jedi Tims” page above.

Top of the agenda was start venue which has now been confirmed as Knebworth House
This is a change from tradition but offers a lot to the event in prestige and practicality – it means we can now offer entry to the reserve list as the venue can handle a lot more starters, so if you are on the reserve list await contact from Chinn Towers, it also allows the event good access onto the A1.
It has implications for the route –so even if you are a veteran of previous events you really need to read up on the road book and attend the Drivers Meeting where there will be plenty of important new information regarding the route.

The drivers meeting date is confirmed as 24th September at the newly named British Motor Museum, at Gaydon, Warwickshire. -this is when the road book will be issued, it is vital once back at home that you sit down with it, a decent large scale road atlas, mug of tea and your favourite L.P playing, mark up the atlas, include:-route, controls, where you think you need to re-fuel, in fact anything that you think may be useful to make your life easier. Familiarise yourself with the route as best you can –look at the control locations on google earth, update your sat nav (if you are using one) load the controls into the sat nav, along with way points that will take you along the suggested route–it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours you end up finding out all sorts via the power of Google and Wiki..I ended up recently finding out all about the piling used on the Cromarty Bridge!-

Controls were discussed –in particular Westonzoyland, (WZL for short) the replacement for Gordarno services, it was agreed to stick with WZL as opposed to the soulless Gordarno,-WZL offers a bit of the “Spirit of 66” roadside brew up feel in that it's off the Motorway but has no “services” – a Catering van has been arranged for entrants to purchase coffee and bacon butties if required. Drivers and navigators will have to remain sharp after the Welsh section –again have a look at the road book and your atlas, plan your driver swaps/re-fuelling –you could still “splash and dash” at Gordarno or Sedgemoor Services then crack on to WZL for coffee and butties –don’t drive tired through this graveyard shift

Hopefully all your cars are fully prepared tested, washed and ready to go..? Don’t despair there is still time... Write a list of jobs to be done, aim to get the ones done to get it on the road ASAP and start driving it!  “finishing” jobs can be done with the car as a rolling test bed, my own preparation / transformation of the “Basildon Banger” to the “Burtle Banger” is massively behind schedule so if you want see how not to prepare in time head over to my own blog..

Today’s top tip- wire exhaust hangers to “catch” the exhaust if the rubber hanger fails – 
I do this as a backup – I had forgotten I had done it to the Scimitar for its Stelvio 2014 tour. Just as well I had, came in useful two years later taking on the Somerset levels!

Expect a call from the team just to catch up, we will be asking
·         How preparation is going.
·         If you intend to attend the Drivers Meeting.
·         If your entry details are still correct.
·         You are aware of the start venue change.

It’s also worth thinking about your own personal logistics for the start and finish

In the meantime if you want your story and a few pics on this blog please send them into

As we get nearer to the event updates to the blog will become more regular
So watch this space!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Spring is in the air! time to get in the Shed!!

The 2016 RBRR organising committee met on Saturday

As we are all of a certain age and have similar humour the minutes could easily read like a Goon show script but under Tims chairmanship we stuck (mainly)  to the agenda items- some of which included the following

Entrant review-The entry is full at 150 - the most we have ever had so we are into unknown territory here -we ask the entry to bare with us,there will be some pinch points with so many cars and crews - New entrants are being contacted by Andy or Dave,don't worry if you haven't had a call yet you will get one in the next couple of weeks - I have had some interesting phone conversations with new entrants,one of the most interesting was with a Reverend -Revving Rev Robottom,(from Rohampton!) a Vicar doing the event for the first time with his wife and two grown up Sons...all squeezed in a Herald!..pre-start car park blessing has been offered!

Another interesting entry ..Steve King car No 140...well no  car actually below

We also have 10 on the reserve list personal advice for those on the reserve  is get you car ready ..and if you don't make the final entry put you hand up to be a Marshall least then you get to be part of the event!

Rob from the charity Attended...he is very enthusiastic ..(something to do with being young apparently) and stayed for the whole meeting ...Once we realised we had him captive he had the whole history of the works PI team explained to him ..with pictures
...anyway back to the charity we really really want  a big impact this year with it being the 50th and a record entry ..if every crew raised £500 that would be £75k if every crew raised £700 we would break the £100k for the first time ever lets do it ...if you don't know how to set up a just giving page have a look at "Tims email page" above... details there ..


 The route was discussed -we will be using some of the old A6 to get to Tebay Services.Nigel is still working away on some of the finer route  points -more details to follow with  information on the controls,locations and interesting points.

Route book-The design has been agreed we hope you like it ! its got a great retro 1966ish feel to it and will make a very nice personal memento of the event to keep for many years,merchandise short list has been agreed and designs being refined ready for you all to buy from the Club Shop in due time

Please if you want to see your car and crew featured on these pages send some words and pictures to

More updates soon!

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Feb update-new pages!

Well that's January gone..another month closer to the RBRR..It creeps up on you!

Every entrant should now have had an email from Tim explaining how to set up a fund raising page for this years chosen charity ..if anybody reading this hasn't please get in touch!

Remember- To attempt to get all crews to raise money for Guide Dogs we have decided to offer free entry to the 2018 RBRR to the top three crews who raise the largest amount this time. A bit of competition should focus the mind etc. We are really serious about the charitable aspect of the RBRR, for this year's event we want all crews to raise charity money, with such a large entry, £90K must be achievable.

Most of the first time entrants should have been contacted by now ..I have had some great Triumph/RBRR  conversions with these entrants over the last month

A question that kept cropping up was new entrants would like to have a look at the last events road book to get a feel for the event ..Tim attached it on his last email  I have also added  a link  on the old Road Book page above..

I've put Tims latest emails on "Emails and info" page so if you think you have binned one by accident just check back to the blog every so often ...

I have also put the advice notes on their own page....entrants old and new please take a bit of time to read these and start thinking about all the little things you need to do creeps up on you!

The starring cars page has been updated ..please send in more pictures of your cars  and few words-cheers

There is an organisers meeting planned for the 20th so we will have more gossip then!