Thursday, 21 December 2017

Adding a crewman and how to top up the entry fee for doing so.

This involves a little status trickery for me but your bit  can be done entirely on

First off, PM me through the new website with the name of your new crewman (once on the system, you can change this or any of your entry details yourself later).

Using the new website for PMs means that I can use a single screen to flip between your PM and your entry, make the changes and then PM you back - it ensures I get the right entry!

I will then add the name on and set your entry status to 'reserve', this will then mean that you can go into edit your entry and pay.

To edit your entry, sign into the new site, click on the entry link and then find your entry, it should say 'reserve' or 're submit', then click on it to display it. Now click 'edit'. Using the 'next' button, click through your entry screens checking and amending details as you go. You will then arrive at the payment screen and be asked to pay - please check the details before paying to ensure yo are getting charged the right fee.

Once completed you should be returned to the entry list and your status should now be 'submitted' - once I manually check it, I'll change the status to 'live' and we're done.

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