Thursday, 7 January 2016

Welcome to 2016!

You can all now officially panic the RBRR is THIS year!

Entry is at 150 and the reserve list is in operation
We mentioned in the last blog we will be looking at some of the cars on the entry list – There is now a new page above “The starring cars”  if you want your entered car featured send a jpeg picture and any interesting info about the car to Daves first up with his Spitfire “The iron maiden” a name given in  reference to the comfort of the seats!
So now it is officially the year of the run all entrants should be taking preparation work seriously..

  Today'stop tip-

 "This is a fairly arduous event covering approximately 2000 miles in 2 days and 2 nights. In order to finish comfortably it is a good idea to spend some time preparing both yourself and your Triumph and it is best to start the process EARLY. Inevitably a few crews always arrive at the start looking absolutely tired out as they have just spent the last few days and nights preparing the car, this is without being too harsh just plain daft. Get the car prepared weeks in advance!"

Is the car you have entered a project/box of bits in the shed still?-if so write a list of what needs done along with the timescales and cost involved -I find School/Family holidays etc really get in the way of finishing a car in time, so plan your time wisely -aim to have it on the road in time to give it at least two months shakedown driving
Has it been laid up for the winter waiting for “those few little jobs that need doing” to be sorted –order the spares now set you self a date to have those jobs done and drive it to one of our Greasy Spoon meetings we are planning in the spring..again write a list put some target dates on it !
If you don’t do the spanner work yourself – speak to your garage/mechanic who will be sorting out the car busy are they, get some quotes, phone round suppliers is there a parts shortage of what you need?

Are you tucking away a fiver a week to help with fuel costs?

If this your first event of this type… and lets face it there are not many like this where 40+ year old cars are driven 2,000 miles in 48hrs! ..and you are thinking “What have I let myself in for..where do I start?” the easiest thing to do is get onto the CT Forum say hello and ask questions ..lots of them don’t be shy!
Dave and I will be phoning up “Newbies” to have a chat and pass on tips not just on how to get the car sorted but on actually doing the event - how to enjoy it safely and comfortably..(sweaty and uncomfortable if your in a GT6!)
Here is the link to the complete advice notes complied over the years-If your new to the event please read these notes soon as so you can and wait for the call! 




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