Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Entry hits 150,flat caps,fry ups and mugs of tea....

Its a record!

The entry has now reached 148- the entry will close on 150 with  entries received after then being put on the reserve list - we expect a few withdrawals between now and Oct 2016 so don't give up the organisers will endeavour to accommodate as many as practically possible on the event.

6th Dec saw the RBRR grand council meet we were all overwhelmed by the response and and level of entry -thank you all!
There are some really interesting cars on the entry list ..the 3 1969 MK2 PIs seem to be causing a bit of a stir!..cant wait to see those at the start and on the move through the Scottish Highlands
Tim Hunt in his famous TR4a is always a welcome sight...something reassuring about that car -for those of you who don't know Tim and the TR4  have taken part in nearly  every RBRR to date.
There are many entrants with 10 or more RBRRs under their belt -we shall catch up with them for their advise and stories over the coming months

Many things were discussed and planned at the meeting the Route being one of the most obvious- don't forget its an advised route only and the route book is best used with a modern atlas backed up by a Sat Nav -not some thing available 50 years ago, its fascinating to look at the original route book drawn up by Les Mills in 1966 and read through it whilst looking at a modern map - with this being the 50th Anniversary of the event we are going to give entrants a feel of that original route with options to pick up sections of the A6 in Cumbria and even the A38 in the South West - view the old route book(s) on the page above or click on this link  old route books.

Can you still catch a ferry?

Nigel our route Jedi Master works tirelessly on the route and route book - the route book will have a  1960s feel in lay out and design along with the merchandise for the event - RBRR Mugs for your shed will definitely be available prior to the event along with the traditional RBRR merchandise 
Please let us know what other items you would like to see for sale in the CT shop prior to the event to mark the 50th ,some of the suggestions so far have included a special 50th RBRR Vacuum flask,Half pint glasses for a cool cider after an evening of welding up a Triumph,flat cap to keep the sun out your eyes..let us know via email or the CT website forum

Back to the route

Gordarno Services Control on the M5 has been a traditional low spot  after the  Welsh roads ,the services are all but shut the coffee is pants and the 1000 yard stare is prevalent,thus it is planned to move the control a bit further down the road and a bit closer to the 1966 route to an old WW2 airfield  at Westonzoyland  -  mobile catering will be there offering hot bacon butties,sausage baps tea and coffee -more detail to follow,but it will give a nice "pit stop" feel to the run in the middle of the night

Back to the Cars

Preparation...DON'T LEAVE IT TOO LATE  !!
Over the next few posts we will be really concentrating on car prep with bite size bullet points posted on here for you to think about along with links to downloadable advice notes ..to back these up we will be contacting first time entrants directly after Christmas to have a chat about all aspects of the event and answer any questions they may have.

Fancy a greasy spoon?


What better way to test your RBBR car than to load it up set off early on a dark Saturday morning and drive it a 100 miles or so to meet some other RBRR entrants at a Transport cafe, eat a full English mega breakfast then drive the long way home ..better still shove a couple of your mates in the car as well... we will be suggesting greasy spoon locations up and down the country and will aim to have the first of these "Greasy Spoon Tests" in the spring - you will be able to ask all your RBRR questions first hand and give the cars a good shakedown

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