Saturday, 13 February 2016

Feb update-new pages!

Well that's January gone..another month closer to the RBRR..It creeps up on you!

Every entrant should now have had an email from Tim explaining how to set up a fund raising page for this years chosen charity ..if anybody reading this hasn't please get in touch!

Remember- To attempt to get all crews to raise money for Guide Dogs we have decided to offer free entry to the 2018 RBRR to the top three crews who raise the largest amount this time. A bit of competition should focus the mind etc. We are really serious about the charitable aspect of the RBRR, for this year's event we want all crews to raise charity money, with such a large entry, £90K must be achievable.

Most of the first time entrants should have been contacted by now ..I have had some great Triumph/RBRR  conversions with these entrants over the last month

A question that kept cropping up was new entrants would like to have a look at the last events road book to get a feel for the event ..Tim attached it on his last email  I have also added  a link  on the old Road Book page above..

I've put Tims latest emails on "Emails and info" page so if you think you have binned one by accident just check back to the blog every so often ...

I have also put the advice notes on their own page....entrants old and new please take a bit of time to read these and start thinking about all the little things you need to do creeps up on you!

The starring cars page has been updated ..please send in more pictures of your cars  and few words-cheers

There is an organisers meeting planned for the 20th so we will have more gossip then!

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