Sunday, 29 November 2015

Record response!

 News  from Chinn Towers-

-See the latest below from the teams busiest man at the moment!  Entry form master Jason Chinn-

Wow, what a response to the RBRR we’ve had, I’m still reeling by the onslaught of entries. At the time of writing we’re up to number 140. That is great and also quite scary, we’ve never had so many so quickly.
The Model count looks interesting too, I’ve amalgamated the special model derivatives, like the now common Del Lines Stag saloon/estate variants
2000 types – 46 cars
Spitfires – 18 cars
Dolomite types – 11
TR6s – 10
Stags - 8
TR7 types – 8
GT6s - 6
Herald types - 6
Vitesse types – 5
Toledos - 5
TR4 types – 4
Acclaims – 3

I’ve not listed all the “others”, check out the entry list for all the detail.
Most popular colours are still Blue 34, White 32 and Red 26.
As far as crews are concerned, we have only one 4 man crew at the moment, there are 23 three man crews and the rest are of course pairs. Of course some those crews are ladies but saying “a 4 person crew” just sounds wrong.
There are 29 newbie crews who have not done the run before, that’s 21% of the total, which is quite pleasing, always good to see new crews and cars.
Back to my opening statement, why would the entry numbers be a problem? Well there are four obvious bottle necks on the RBRR – the start, Land’s End and John O’Groats breakfast stops and of course the finish. At those points we will get pretty much the whole field congregated – that’s 140 cars and crews – near enough 300 people. Logistically there are other issues around the route but these 4 stops are a worry.
Therefore, next weekend at the progress meeting, I’m going to raise the question of the numbers and I think we will invoke the reserve list. No decisions yet but no matter what’s decided, it won’t mean anyone currently on the entry list will slip onto a reserve list, if I’ve accepted your entry and given you a number then you’re in.
I have also just re-issued Tim’s welcome email to everyone, I have a few emails bounce back, mainly due to typos in my entry list which I have now fixed. So, once again, if your name is on the list you should have now received an email. If you have not then shout. We don’t issue that many emails but if something important crops up, especially close to the start date, we will use email as well as blogs.
One final plea – there are a few social media group out there, and we encourage you to use whatever you like to discuss the RBRR but please remember, the only official place for news is this blog and the Club Triumph Forum (aka the Message board). The reason for this is simple, we can’t monitor all these other online places. If you tell me about crew changes through Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. you might wait a long time for the amendments. For the best results, just send me an email and look out for them showing up on the official entry list.

 The next post will be after the teams progress meeting on the 5th Dec -look out for more preparation notes,advise,quotes,stories and pictures from previous runs being posted.

Today's quote from the RBRR ........

“Following the excellent breakfast and a change of socks I felt revitalised behind the wheel- thanks in no small part to the “ sea gale” finding its way into my face via dodgy door gap and standard issue ill fitting soft top - it offset the smell of my co-driver,EP90 and exhaust gas coming through the gearbox tunnel” Quote 2012



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