Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Red and yellow and pink and blue...etc


As things have calmed down a little at Chinn Towers it's time to stand back and take a look at what we have in the entry list this time.
The story so far, after effectively 13 days of activity
128 entries received
Made up of 108 two person crews 18 three person crews and one 4 person family crew, in a Herald! That makes up 276 eager Triumph drivers (well maybe a little less as there are a couple of non-driving crew out there - both under and "over" age)
Oldest car is sure to be Dirk Devogeleer in a pre-war Vitesse of, at the moment, uncertain age but possibly 1930s ish.
I've always looked at the entry list and wondered which is the most popular Triumph colour to appear on the run, now I couldn't be strict about this because many owners aren't that interested in the name of the colour and of course many cars are no longer strictly Triumph coloured anymore. So by my rough approximation, and remember this data was only ever intended to help marshals to spot a car across a car park, the most popular colour is blue, but only just. Here's how the colours shape up
Blue 31
White 30
Red 25
Green 15
Yellow 12
Grey 4
Damson / Maroon 4
Brown 2
Black 1
Silver 1
Gold 1
Orange 1
Haven't decided yet 1
I'll leave Tim to count up the models but we do have a good spread and some unusual ones - when was the last time you saw a Standard Super 10, a Gentry, a GT4R Dove, a Moss Roadster and a pre-War Vitesse on the road, together?

We will be adding a "your cars,your stories page" so please send in your tails from the roadside and some pictures..old pictures pre-digital days of previous RBRRs would be great ..send to


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