Thursday, 2 October 2014

This time tomorrow.....

....we'll be on the road wondering why!

It's that time when I change from entry admin to participant. If you haven't told me by now then you've missed the boat, I am now no longer worried about your entry, I am just worried about my own team!

Seriously though, last minute changes happen so when they do please make the signing on officials aware of the change tomorrow. It's very important that we know who is in your car and that they sign on as your crew, so if the details we have at the start need changing, please do so at the Plough.

There only now remains for me to wish you all good luck and good motoring. I will be making my way to the start early tomorrow morning and will only have a smart phone from then on - so I won't be trying to update lists on that!

See you all at the Plough!


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