Monday, 6 October 2014

The final score

Whilst not all the details are fully known yet (and some will be shrouded in secrecy, legend or just shame), we thought you would all like to see what happened to those who were missing in action on the weekend.

We had 104 starters and 93 finishers, the retirement rate was slightly higher than average.

11 retirees, this includes a Dolly Sprint driven by Paul Helm that had not made the finish by the time Tim left The Plough at 21.45 last night.

Car No:
12: Stag: Timing issues, pulled out at Gledrid
28: TR7: Not sure why retired
34: Stag: UJ failed taking UJ yoke out that then cracked gearbox casing, loss of oil etc.
53: TR4A: Not sure why retired
72: Moss Roadster: Head gasket failure following engine overheat due to electric fan not working. 50 miles short of Blyth when retired
81: GT6: Oil starvation at rocker gear, pulled out at Blyth
96: Herald Coupe: Differential failure
110: Spitfire 1500: Work commitments resulting in leaving event in Shropshire - I'll try and get the full story.
113: Spitfire 4: Rear hub bearing
119: Vitesse 6: Rear hub bearing

1051 cars/crews have now completed the RBRR.

This info was taken from 'Signing In' sheets at the end of the event.

The Renown finished the event and did extremely well. It is now the oldest car to have completed the event, we are very pleased about that. It just goes to show if one thoroughly prepares a car, even one that might look unsuitable for the RBRR, it can be done! It's also a lesson to all of us who have thought the event too tough or those that think it's too many miles - think again!

It's the 50th Anniversary of the RBRR next time, we hope to be able to add a 'Historical' (60s/70s-but not retro) feel to the event next time.

The event name may have to be changed to comply with MSA wishes. Round Britain Tour, may be the new name, this was the name of the event back in 1966 so is not as unpalatable as it could have been.

So all in all, the event was a great success that has built upon the  fun, tradition and credibility of previous RBRRs.

Thank you for all taking part, thanks especially to all those non-driving participants who actually make it possible - the route planners, the tea makers, cake bakers, standing in the middle of nowhere in the lashing rain signing book people - we are all very grateful to you

I hope it was fun, see you all in a couple of years time for another drive around the country!

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