Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Driver's meeting done - it's only a matter of days now

For those who did not make it to the Driver's meeting at Gaydon on the weekend, here is how to get hold of soft copies of the various documents

Keith has uploaded them to the member's only area of the Club Triumph website. Go to the CT site and from the top drop down menu under "Events", select "RBRR" and then select "Info for Entrants"

These will require a member log in which each main entrant will have. If you haven't then use this form -
http://club.triumph.org.uk/register and then use your forum login details.

If all else fails then a pm to Keith on the forum will get it sorted. None of the RBRR team can administer this info so go direct to Keith please.

OK, what's on there and do you need it?

1. PDF copy of the Powerpoint we used at Gaydon, this has a walk through of the event, some hints and tips, plus lots of photos of previous events. It's good for new entrants.

2. PDF Road Book - all crews have one hard copy of these to use on the run and it is essential, we did have some spares but they were all sold at Gaydon. If you would like an extra one then we have some more hard copies with a printing error (there are no timings on them) that we will sell at the start for a donation to the charity.

3. Ellis Stokes has done his usual TomTom "ITN" itinery files and these are in a .zip file. You do not need a sat nav to complete the event but they are a worthwhile driver aid if used sensibly.

4. Andy Cook has created a set of "POI" files for TomTom - so if you don't know how itinerary files work or have a TomTom that cannot use itinerary files, then these are what you need.

Please remember, ITN files should follow the correct route (coast road into Bude etc), but obviously come with the usual warning - they are there as an additional tool, and should not be solely relied on.
Ellis and Andy have produced these for their own use and generously made them available for everyone.

Please remember, the RBR team don't offer any support for these files or TomTom and whilst Andy and Ellis might be able to help you out, please don't hassle them, they are both entrants on the run and have their own preparation challenges!

REMEMBER - go to the event control and sign in as soon as you arrive at the Plough. Every member of the crew must sign in.

I will be going through the corrections and updates to the entry list over the next couple of days and updating the entry list. When that's done, I will let you know and you can re-check things are correct.


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