Thursday, 7 August 2014

Late entries and additional crewmen - virgins and veterans

I've just finished a little update to the entry list, adding two new entries and a few extra crewmen to existing crews.

Welcome to RBRR newbies Marino, his 2 crew members and his 2.5S, , I guess I should also welcome Doug and Katie Foreman - "veterans" of CT, just bad at getting entries in early - good to see you're up for a nice relaxing drive in the country again.

I will bank all outstanding cheques today and the list is up to date online - please check and tell me if anything is incorrect. Now is the time to correct spelling, not when the awards are engraved!

We've got a total of 35 new crews attempting the run for the first time, that's quite a high proportion of the 113 crews (we've had 4 withdrawals/amalgamations).

New crews present us all with a challenge - veterans need to include them, help them out and generally be welcoming without being patronising. The new crews themselves need to be accepting of advice, understand this is a difficult run and they need to prepare themselves and their cars. Oh and not to be shy to ask questions, talk to people and generally get involved - we don't bite (OK so there are a few who do bite but only after a few pints).

I would encourage first time crews to find experienced crews to run with, it's always a tricky exercise because we all want to complete the run. Whilst everyone will help out where they can, the controls open and close at set times, failure to show up on time, for whatever reason, means you won't get a complete set of signatures - that's the cornerstone of the run, it's to prove the reliability of your car. It's a fine balance but it's what makes the run.

That said, new crews need to be aware of the RBRR protocols that are often second nature to the veterans - silly things like if you break down and want help, put your bonnet up. Even if you have a problem that's not under the bonnet. Bonnet up means "I want people to stop and offer help", bonnet down means "I'm having a sleep or changing drivers, or watering the flowers and I don't want you to stop!" Most of these things are common sense but we will go over them at the driver's meeting and in the briefing notes.

The entry list should be here and should also appear below, automatically updated as I update it.

I think that's all for now.


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