Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pleased to see a few stragglers getting their entries in!

A quick update as I've just had a spate of activity on the entry list.

Welcome to a few late arrivals that now brings the field up to entry number 114, with a couple of withdrawals that means we have 112 active entries.

I say "withdrawals" but there are always amendments and consolidations to process as wives put their feet down or reality intrudes and entrants get a seat in a working car :-)

So we are on count down to the driver's briefing and the organising committee's activity starts to increase as final preparations are being made. It's always surprising how much goes on behind the scenes on these events, paperwork to process, permissions to be obtained, stops to be organised, manned and booked. The event follows a tried and tested formula but it's slightly different every time so we can't take anything for granted - and the organising team remember only too well that a wheel can fall off at any moment, the breakfast stop cancelling on us with days to spare was not a welcome event!

Anyway, we won't be having any such trauma this time round - as if we can control such things!

Time is ticking on and the driver's meeting is only a few months away - Gaydon 21st September.

Remember, if you have changes please let me know -


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