Thursday, 6 February 2014

More is gooder

We had a "committee" meeting last Saturday - Tim, Dave Langrick, Andy Martin, Nigel Abdullah and I. We got a lot done yet it always amazes me how much there is still to be done - it's all under control, we think!
Lots of talk of control stops and the work that goes on to make sure we have the correct permissions, permits and wot not - not least contacting people to make sure the halt will be accessible (there are some worrying construction works planned).
The issue of the entry numbers was raised and we decided that we can indeed stretch our running list to 120 cars. What that mean is that anyone currently on the "reserve" list is now on the running list. I'll be cashing cheques in the next week as I am busy with other stuff for the next few days.
We've already had one crew consolidation, it's no problem as we always do have a few, I have some work to do on the entry list to reflect that. All currently received entries are showing and so we are up to entry n number 108.
I'm aware that I may not have sent the latest entries a welcome email, or rather they haven't received one - sorry about that, not sure what happened but I will resent them - if you get two then you know why.
Whilst in the meeting we did indulge in a little history as Tim has acquired the first road books used - it would be great to recreate the route but sadly driving through the centre of what are now congested major cities like London and Edinburgh might just be a step too far! What also struck me was how low the average speeds were back then. Comments like "town map available" and "ferry" caused a smile or two.

Anyway, enough waffle - welcome everyone and if you are reading this and haven't got your entry in then get your finger out!


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