Friday, 3 January 2014

100 entrants

I hope you are all surviving the New Year weather!

This is just a quickie post to let you all know that we have reached 100 entrants and as usual I will now run a "reserve" list for any subsequent entries.

Remember, the entry number you have been given now does not change.

Anyone wishing to withdraw must do so before the 31st August to secure a full refund. If you leave it later than that we cannot guarantee a refund as we will have incurred irrecoverable costs ourselves.

Anyone still wishing to enter should complete an entry form and post to me. Do enclose a cheque but I will not cash it without contacting you first, as it may be some time before a space opens up.

Remember, it's our aim to get as many cars out on the run as we can, we have never turned away any entry made in good time. There will inevitably be those on the running list who can't join us on the day, so there are usually places that become available closer to the start.

Finally, there has been a delay in presenting your cheques so please keep sufficient funds in your account to honour the cheque you wrote. The cheques will probably be presented in the next 10 days or so.


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