Monday, 4 October 2010

What went wrong and what went right?

Firstly, well done to all who got round, commiserations to all who didn't. In an annoyingly upbeat manner, let's learn something - after all, team 13 failed last time out but went round like clockwork this time (I personally take no credit for our success, it was all down to Dave's preparation, I knwo that may be hard to accept but it's true!)

Anyway, always eager to learn from the my own mistakes and those of others, I have started a thread on the forum for people to give some details of what went wrong and put you out or indeed what went wrong and you were able to fix.

The object of the RBRR is to get car and crew round the route, on time, safely and reliably. Anything we as organisers can do to help achieve that, whilst in no way dumbing down or otherwise reducing the challenge, is to of interest to us.

Don't get me wrong, it's not supposed to be too hard but it's not supposed to be a walk in the park either, it's a motoring challenge after all.

If you'd rather not "go public" with tales of personal brain fade or embarrassment and would rather recount your tale in the safety of the confessional then drop Tim or I an email. If you say you'd rather the details remained anonymous then just say so and we'll respect that.

I'd like to add this info to the growing database of passed failures so that we can offer better more focussed advice to entrants next time. As we understand more about actual failures we can be more pointed in our advice - so rather than suggest entrants should "service the car" we can say "service the car with special attention to cleaning, inspecting and re-greasing wheel bearings as there have been 5 failures of wheel bearings in the passed".

We're not going to get super accurate data but we will get a much better idea of what goes wrong. Add to that the ways in which people fix these issues from the simple "I or someone with me had a spare" to the "I needed to weld it and called at a farm building with lots of machinery outside as I thought they would have a welder and they did!" If it keeps a couple of crews on the road or gives someone the inspiration for a fix at 3am on a wet border road then it will be worthwhile.

To read the topic, "What went wrong and what went right?" visit the following link:

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