Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Where does the time go?

RBRR Chertsey Office calling.

Blimey, just over two days to go.

We are just running through all the last minute aspects of the event and we are pleased to report that everything is in place for what we do hope is a top RBRR.

Jason has done a marvellous job administrating the Entry List for this the 22nd RBRR. This time the event has not had as many entry changes, in fact I think it is true to say that we have not heard of as many late night car building sessions as in 2008. The most surprising aspect of this RBRR so far has been that we have not suffered many withdrawals, amazing considering the age of the cars and indeed of most of the entrants! At 24.00hrs tonight the Entry List will be finalised and he will hand it all over to me. At this point we will not be able to accept any Entry revisions as we need to print the Final Instructions and Signing in forms.

Just to re-cap on the Signing in procedure, when arriving at The Plough, please proceed with all your crew to the RBRR office and sign in. We will not need to see any documentation or Club membership cards, by signing in you will be accepting the rules and regulations of the event and that your car is fully road legal. The MSA Blue Book will be present and you will be given a chance to read the relevant pages that relate to this event, the event being a Touring Assembly.

When you sign in you will be handed a copy of the 'Final Instructions'. In the past we are not sure many have bothered to read these, please do so as they will contain information that is obviously of importance to the event and will make the event more enjoyable.

After signing in, the next time you will be required to do anything is to attend the Drivers Briefing at 18.00hrs, this will take part near the playground in the pub's grounds. The car park before the start is always full of activity, but please try to relax. Unfortunately it looks lke the start will be marred by rain, bring a brolly!!

Thats it then, see you Friday!


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