Sunday, 20 November 2011

2012 RBRR - and so it begins again.

It's that time again and the well oiled machine that is the RBRR chatters into life once more, OK so it's a bit like a PI in the morning and will take some getting going, it might miss a beat every now and again but it will start and it will run!!

So, I roll up my sleeves and reach for the manual to see how the hell I did this 2 years ago. I think I remember so here it is. As in previous years, we're using the Google Documents service to help maintain and publish the running list. It'll be in the same place every time it's renewed.

Here's the current view

I'll send welcome emails out later in the week when the rush dies down, in the meantime, check here for your entry numbers/

It's really good to see some keen newbies getting in on the action, 4 new crews in the first 25. Really pleased to see 6 PIs in that first 25 - worried about the price of fuel, pah!

Right, now I need to scan all these entry forms and share with team on-line.

(I'm aware that there may be some issues with the Google Docs, I've reported the issue. In the meantime here's a rather clumsy copy and paste

Entry Number Entrant Name Crew 2 Crew 3 Crew 4 Car
1 Peter Jordan Stephen Bates none none 2.5 PI Estate MkII
2 Jonathan Pryce Colin Boobyer none none Spitfire 1500
3 Mark Bland Andy Cook none none 2500 S Saloon
4 Jayne Spicer-Adams Susan Swingewood Trish Flynn none Herald 13/60 Saloon
5 Malcolm Swingewood Graham Swingewood Gavin Barry none Herald 13/60 Estate
6 Anthony Pulis Zac Zanetti none none Stag
7 Howard Hayes Mary Hayes John Gallagher none Acclaim
8 Lester French Paul Warden none none 2000 Saloon
9 Chris Rabbets Valerie Moores none none 2.5 PI Saloon
10 Floyd Pattie Graham Copping none none GT6
11 Craig Bennett Alex Bennett none none 2.5 PI Saloon
12 Dave Marshall Jemma Dedicoat none none 2000
13 Jason Chinn Nigel Gair none none 2.5 PI Saloon
14 Andrew Johnson Sarah Johnson none none Stag
15 James Cooper Andy Tonmore none none 2.5 PI Saloon
16 Stuart Wilson TBC none none TR7
17 Paul Beeson Ashley Page none none Spitfire 1500
18 Yossarian Gay Tim Barrington none none 1300 TC
19 Dale Barker Matthew Barker none none Herald 1200ish CV
20 Reg Barton Martin Neason none none 2.5 PI Saloon
21 Chris Andrews Anne Andrews none none 2000 TC
22 Roy Lacey Bruce Sellars none none GT6 Mk1
23 Tom Hartley Tim Smith none none Herald 1200 CV
24 Carl Shakespeare Karl Sinclair-Hall none none Dolomite Sprint
25 Daniel Baker Steven Strelitz none none Spitfire 1500


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