Sunday, 5 September 2010

Blimey, not long now

Just a quick report.


I notice that a few Entrants have taken to forming Virgin Money Giving Pledge sites, a marvellous idea. The home page for these is here:

I quite like the fact that the Virgin pledge pages have a number of advantages over the other two main Pledge sites, have a look at this web page to compare (Admittedly, Virgin’s comparison):

Seems a good idea then to go with them if you want to collect like this. Please remember that we will need the total that you reach, let me know once you have finished and I will add to the grand total. Please do not include ‘Gift Aid’ in this total.


The Polo Shirt design has gone out to two suppliers to get a quote, if all goes well we will have this on offer at the Drivers Meeting in 3 weeks time. They will also be available at the start and we will also offer them through the Club’s shop. Tina Lacey, the Club’s shopkeeper will be marketing them.


As mentioned last time we have 16no stops throughout the event, this includes 4 new ones. We had hoped that we would only have 1 stop as a Passage Control, however the new one in Wales will have to be a similar stop.

I will not issue the list of Stops yet, this will be done at the Drivers Meeting.

Drivers Meetings

Nothing to add about this, apart from asking that when you arrive you effectively sign in so that we can give you the Drivers Pack that contains the Road Book and Car Stickers. I will also issue the current Entry Listing, this will be arranged into a car type listing and will have information such as a contact mobile phone and home town address. Using this Entrant’s can contact others in similar cars to see if parts could be shared.

We have asked that you all get there for 13.00hrs on the 19/09/10, the meeting will start once everyone has been given their packs. Mind will send a representative who will talk to you all about the Charity, this will be followed by Nigel, Jason and me chatting to you about the event. I know a lot of the Entrants have taken part before and therefore will know about the event, however it is important to preview the event as it evolves each time we run the RBRR.

If you can manage to please ask your crew to come along, this will make the RBRR easier for you as you will not have to explain the event to them.

Address of the Meeting: The Kestrel Suite, Heritage Motor Museum, Banbury Eroad, Gaydon, Warwickshire. CV35 0BJ

Should attendance not be possible, please contact me on or on 07966 289 782.


We are now at 118no Entrants, this is remarkable as usually Entrants start to drop out as the event comes along, the usual snag being that the car will not be ready. This must mean that either not many cars are being re-built for the event or many have more than one Triumph?

As usual at this time of the run up to the Event, many Entrants are reviewing the details of their entry. Once changes are decided please do let Jason know about them even if you think you may have to make more changes, just keep in contact. We do not mind changing the information before the event. Cars are known to suffer breakdowns on the eve of the event, therefore making changes unavoidable. We are living in the age of communication, please use one of the many forms to keep us in touch! Note, that crews who arrive at the start and attempt to sign in additional drivers or change cars tend to make us unhappy!

Event Food

Within the last Bulletin I mentioned that we had found a very suitable breakfast location in Cornwall. You will all have seen this month’s ‘Secretary’s Notes’ which states that I am was having problems, at the time of copy deadline for those notes I did not have this arranged. All arranged now, and the new venue looks to be very promising, hopefully we will avoid the problems we encountered at Lands End in 2006 and 2008.

Therefore ‘Free’ food is available at the following locations:

JOG, Conon Bridge, Stirling, Cornwall and Pimperne

Do note that food is available at The Plough at the end of the event, however the kitchens shut at 21.00hrs, unfortunately crews will have to pay for this food.

Route and Roadbook

The Road Book is now with me, looks to be a good publication, thanks to Ellis Stokes and James Carruthers for the production work. It is to the usual design and yet again is ring bound. Please do buy a road atlas for the event. A very good one is the spiral bound Philip’s 2011 Complete Britain Road Atlas, isbn no.978-1-84907-108-6, this is presently available via Amazon at £9.00ish. Once you have the Road Book, it’s a good idea to mark the route in the Atlas using a highlighter.

Of course, many will wish to use Sat Nav., to aid this we will publish all the postcodes of the Controls within the Road Book. Do consider the fact that the event can be done with just the Road Book and a good GB atlas.

Car Stickers

As I am sure I must have mentioned, there will be 3 stickers issued at the DMM. These are the Club Triumph RBRR sticker, the MIND sticker and the Climate Care sticker. These are still being printed, but are due to arrive this week.

Right, that’s about it for this month. I will probably not produce another bulletin as further event information will be covered at the Drivers Meeting.

I hope to you all at the Drivers Meeting on the 19/09, as requested should you not be able to make the DM please let me know. Obviously we do not expect overseas crews to make the trip over for the meeting.!


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