Wednesday, 18 August 2010

On-line charity giving

Just a quick update this week, sorry for the silence, I'm travelling more than ever for work and that means the weekends are family time - that in turn means little time for cars :-(

Anyway, to business! In response to a few requests for on-line fund raising capability I investigated a few options and found that MIND are registered on Virgin Giving. With a little playing I managed to set up a page for Team 13 here and even Ellis managed to get one up for the Red Bus here.

Basically you start from the MIND pages here and set up as a team. The event should show up as "Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run" and you can add your team.

I have to admit that I'm not very good at these things so I was quite impressed that having set up I got a nice welcome pack from MIND in the post.

The Virgin facility is better for MIND as it passes more of the money you collect to the charity than other similar sites like Just Giving.

I invite all those interested to go play.

Entry List updates
Lot's of revisions, additions and a couple of withdrawals. The time is approaching when I will close the entry and confirm numbers to the various stops, we will therefore incur costs. This means that once the entry is closed I will not be able to process refunds. Entry will close at the end of August.

PLEASE - tell me of any changes, there are still snippets of information coming to me via roundabout routes. Whilst this is better than no information it does mean that I have to write out to people and verify what's being said.

If you have a change, tell me direct. I will always acknowledge changes. It may take me a few days to do so but I will always email a confirmation.

Remember, the entry current list is here.

See you at the driver's meeting, Gaydon in one month, 19th September, apologies for clashes with other events, we tried to minimise these but given the number of events, people and the venue restrictions, clashes were inevitable.


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