Sunday, 19 September 2010

Driver's meeting done, not long now........

Thanks to all who turned up at Gaydon, hope you all got something out of the meeting. It was really good to see a full room and see so many of you, sorry I didn't get to talk to enough of you individually, I was a bit busy.

I hope the visuals were OK, we're not that used to using them as a team and so things got a little out of sync but said everything we needed to so I guess that's good enough!

Entry list is updated, click here, recent withdrawals are marked and additions recorded. Thanks also for those corrections to details and additional phone numbers.

We are now at 116 entries, there are still a few teetering on the edge of problems, a few cars in pieces and a few crews in pieces so I wish you all well and good luck!

We tested the SMS service on Saturday night and sent all registered numbers the entry code for the event at Gaydon. If you didn't get an SMS it's because I don't have your correct number so if you want to use the service, please just send me an email with your entry number and all the mobile phones you want to use on the run.

The system will allow you to register yourselves but please note, we can't fix problems with this once the run has started, please don't expect that - Keith, Tim and I are all doing the run so we won't be able to do much on the move.

I've asked Keith to finalise instructions, upload the amended number list and then we'll turn it on for the run up to the start. You can all test it then and we will have a few days to iron out the majority of wrinkles, we hope!

Full instructions will be sent out soon and will be included in the signing on material you get at the start.

See you at the Plough!


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