Monday, 20 September 2010

SMS system update

Apologies for the confusion at the driver's meeting yesterday over the SMS Message Diary, I hope I didn't confuse too many of you.

The issue is a simple one of cost, we had planned to make a broadcast service available to you all but owing to the price of the service and the lack of control we would have over it once live, it was decided to restrict it to organisers only.

So, the broadcast service, where one message can be sent to everyone, is restricted to organisers and will only be used in an emergency. The messages will go out to all registered entrants and at current numbers, that means it'll cost us about a tenner a message, It's therefore hopeful (and likely) that you won't see many of those from us.

The normal SMS diary service remains and the only cost to you the entrant is your normal SMS cost from your service provider.

All mobile numbers that are registered will have received the Gaydon code message I send Saturday evening. If you did not receive that message then your phone is not registered and you need to register it AND tell me the correct mobile number.

If you got the message then you're set up and need take no action, you can play with the system now and see your messages appear on or you can get at it through the club homepage here we will reset the system prior to the start and clear off any messages.

If you did not get the Gaydon message then follow these steps (note, you will need the roadbook for the number to use so get it from a fellow entrant but please do not post it in a public forum)

To Register your phone
Send an SMS message from the phone number you will be using on the event to the number in the roadbook (page 22) with the word "register" followed by a space and then the registration number of the car you are using for the event. So for me, driving car ABC123D I would send "register abc123d" without the inverted commas please.

You can register more than one phone to the entry but remember that what you are doing is linking three things together - your phone number, your registration number and the details we have recorded. So, make sure your details we have recorded are correct - if you change your car and don't tell me the system will not recognise your new registration.

If you don't bother to register your messages will still appear but will not be linked to your car, you will have to say who you are in the message for it to be meaningful. If you are registered your messages will appear with your car and crew details so whatever you send, it'll be attributed to the car and crew (ie if I send a message it will not appear as Jason, it will appear as
Team 13
Dave Pearson/Jason Chinn/John Kipping
Blue Courier

For multimedia fruit (or even vegetable) devices you can also send email, again you need to register and yes, it's a "10CR" address - we recycle here at CT :-)

Please keep SMS number and email address safe and off public forums. We do not want a spam bot picking up the details (unless it's a list of fuel stops that are open at 4am)

Using a mobile phone whilst driving is dangerous whether hands free or not.
Texting whilst driving is illegal.
Club Triumph advice is to leave all communications to a co-driver.

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