Monday, 2 August 2010

RBBR admin

I've just processed a batch of changes, additions, retirements and substitutions.

If you've asked for a change recently then it should all now be reflected on the entry list, most up to date copy of which is always here. Those entries with a red box on the right and a line through their details are withdrawn. Those with a green box to the right are current, active entries. As at today we have 119 active entries.

As these things come in to me in dribs and drabs and I am away working in the week, I have tended to batch them up and wait until the weekend to action them. Apologies if this means some of you don't get an instant response but if I do everything as it lands I'd be spending a lot of time posting individual cheques off to the treasurer and he'd be spending time getting individual refund cheques posted refunds back (they require two signatures).

If you have any issues that are urgent, you can always call Tim or I.

As the event has become more and more popular it's really grown out of our "old school" financial processes for handling all things RBRR. So, once we've got the 2010 event completed, I'll be looking at ways to make it more effective and easier for both organisers and entrants to process entry fees and refunds for withdrawals. We remain committed to keeping costs down and we will embrace technology where it helps us do that - we want to spend our time and our cash on enjoying Triumphs, not admin! We're open to suggestions and ideas.

I've had a few emails via roundabout routes, via other Club officials not directly connected with the event, asking for changes in car and crew etc. For the avoidance of doubt and to reduce delay here's the simple protocol.
  • If you have a query that relates to the entry, that's car or crew details changing, addition crew, substitutions, withdrawals, including amalgamations of crews and withdrawal of a car - in fact anything to do with the entry, then email me -
  • If you have a query that relates to marshalling, charity sponsorship, the general running of the event or the route then email Tim -
Tim and I talk frequently and pass emails between us and the team but things can get overlooked in a busy schedule so it's always best to route your query to the right person first.

I recently sent out a request for information to certain crews whom I knew to have undisclosed changes - people who had sold or taken off the road the cars they had entered. That resulted in most confirming new details, which was great.

However, please, don't wait to be asked to confirm your details, tell me as soon as you have any changes. We need to keep good clear records for the run, this is a big event and we need to show that it's well organised. Quite apart from the whole reputation thing, we do not want to appear to have a cavalier attitude towards record keeping and organisation by any authorities looking - more and more of which are interested in what we do - MSA, Police Authorities, etc

I hope to see you all at the driver's meeting in Gaydon Sunday 19th September. Remember that the route has changed in some key areas and there is a new breakfast stop on Sunday morning so it's important that at least one representative from each crew attends the briefing.


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