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RBRR Bulletin 27/10/10

Things are progressing very nicely here at RBRR Central. We have endured one or two major problems, but these have been resolved. The RBRR should hopefully be another value for money weekend of fun motoring.

Its important to remember why we are all doing this event, that being to collect as much money as possible for MIND, the mental health Charity.
Jason sent out Sponsor Pledge forms as part of the welcoming e-mail to all Entrants as they joined. These were presented as a pdf, if you have not copied these off and have lost the e-mail, we have included them as an attachment to this mail. Some have criticised us for sending them out like this, however it has saved a big chunk of money in printing and posting, so fully justified in my opinion.

We are presently designing a RBRR 2010 Polo Shirt. We hope to have this on sale at the Drivers Meeting and at the Start. It will also be available from the Club’s Shopkeeper, Tina Lacey. We will e-mail all Entrants about this when it is in stock.

We will have 16no Controls, plus the Start and Finish at Crews Hill. The Road Book will include all address details of these Control Stops. One of these Lands End will be a Passage Control. Remember that all Control Stops will only be open for a certain time, Controls are used to limit the speeds of vehicles and make it unnecessary to speed.
We have 4 new stops, however most of the old favourites will be used. The only regret we have is that we cannot find anywhere suitable near the Scottish border, we hope we can for 2012.

Drivers Meetings
A change this time as we will only hold one DM, a change fom the previous arrangement of holding two DMs. The DM will be held at the Motor Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon on Sunday 19/09/10 (Note: The email that was sent to all Entrants on 31/07/10 stated the wrong date) starting at 13.00hrs.
The meeting will take place in the Kestrel Suite. Please enter the Museum through the main entrance, you will be asked for a code that will enable entry for £5. We apologise about this charge, please note that this has been reduced from the normal amount. This entry fee will enable full Museum access. I understand that there will be a number of other events happening, Club Peugeot UKL Rally, Rover SD1 Spares Day, Gaydon Autumn Classic and Autojumble. Safe to assume that there will be plenty to look at before attending the meeting.
The Drivers Meeting will be the usual format of offering a full preview of the event. Nigel will present a thorough run through of the Route, also MIND will send along a representative to discuss the Charity and how the money we raise will be spent.
Entrants will also receive their Entry Packs at this meeting, we are sorry but we will not be able to post them out to anyone who cannot make the meeting. This will mean that those crews would only get to see the route at the start. Therefore it is considered essential for at least one representative of each crew to attend this meeting. Why not use the Meeting as a test drive for the car?
Should attendance not be possible, please contact me on
At present we have 121no entrants, we do expect some more withdrawals, remember we offer a refund up to 31/08/10.
Right, the usual plea for all Entrants to keep Jason up to date with Entry changes. It is essential that we have the correct details-everything please, this satisfies the MSA’s sanctioning of the event and the issuing of the Touring Assembly Permit.
As usual, we will issue a full listing of all Entrants, this will be presented by car types. This will feature all Entrants mobile phone no.s, therefore it will be easier to see who is driving similar cars if a part is needed from the same type of car.
Looking at the cars that are entered, it looks likely that a comprehensive amount of the full range of Triumph car swill be taking part, the only cars I cannot think of taking part are the early Spitfires and Heralds and the Triumph 1500.

Event Food
We do offer food at a few of the Controls, breakfasts at JOG and Cornwall. and at Conon Bridge, Stirling, Bude, and Pimperne. Food will be available at many of the other stops, however this will need to be purchased.
We have managed to find a very suitable location for the Cornish breakfast stop, thanks to Malcolm Warren for this, more about the location in due course.

Route and Roadbook
Nigel Abdullah has finalised the Route, and as usual we will offer a fine selection of roads along the advisory route. The Route will be fully detailed within the Road Book that will be handed out at the Drivers Meeting. We strongly suggest that all Entrants purchase a British Road Atlas, a suitable one being the spiral bound Philip’s 2011 Complete Britain Road Atlas, isbn no.978-1-84907-108-6, this is presently available via Amazon at £9.00ish. Once you have the Road Book, it’s a good idea to mark the route in the Atlas using a highlighter.
Of course, many will wish to use Sat Nav. To aid this we will publish all the postcodes of the Controls, however one is not available as it is simply a beauty spot in Wales! Do consider the fact that the event can be done with just the roadbook and a good GB atlas.
The route will be 2010 or so miles.

Once again we will be operating a Text Message service. To join in with this aspect of the event, all a crew has to is to register with the mobile phone no. they nominated at the time of entry and one can then start texting! This TMS will start on the eve of the event. All the text messages will be viewable on a website that can be located via the CT website and forum.
We will also be operating another TMS, this will be used by the Marshals and Organisers to inform all crews of any problems whilst on the event. This could be useful if we encounter road work problems or other issues.

Vehicle Preparation
I have again included a copy of the Advice Notes to help all Entrants. Looking at the list of people who sent through suggestions one will see that many experienced RBRR entrants have helped compile the document. They do contain some good ideas, so well worth a read.

Right, lots still to do, but the event is coming together. My colleagues Nigel, Jason, James and Ellis have been working very hard for the last couple of months.

Looking at the Entry List, I see we have 121no Entrants at present. Some of the cars taking part are truly mouth watering, it will be a nice sight to see the car park at The Plough full of Triumph motor cars.

Regards to you all,


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