Saturday, 12 June 2010

RBRR - attention entries 101 and over

It seems there was some ambiguity in my recent email so I'll try and make it more simple.

If you have an entry number 101 or more then this is for you.

I need a replacement cheque as your original cheque was out of date, some of you have sent me replacements (thank you) but some of you have not so please get your cheque books out and help me to help you. If you don't take up your place and pay up then when I close the entry, you'll be out in the cold!

I've just written to all who haven't paid and as some email addresses seem a little flakey I'll try and contact you via this page or the forum. At the end of June I'll update this page with any outstanding entry fees. If your circumstances have changed and you are no longer able to do the run then let me know so a replacement crew can take up the place.

On the subject of contact, could entry number 130, Robin Hazell of Potters Bar get in touch please - I need an email address. I've left a message on your mobile but not heard back. If anyone knows Robin (or his email address) please let me know. He's down to drive with Howard Pryor on a Blue Mk1 2000 if that helps identify him - thanks. Update 14th June - thanks guys, I now have contact details and have sent the appropriate email.

So far we are now up to 131 cars with 4 withdrawals.


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