Tuesday, 22 June 2010

RBRR - Entry payments outstanding - Please check, is you name here?

Gentlemen, I can't trace any payment for the following entries, please refer to my emails 22nd May and 12th June. I will email again one last time but please get your cheque book out now

101 Mike Carroll
103 Tony Cook
104 Kean Cronje
109 Philip Harvey
111 Neil McDonnell
112 Christopher Gosling
122 Howard Hayes
123 Martin Armstrong
126 Carl Nicholson
127 Stephen Ray

If you've already sent payment then just drop me an email to confirm. Without payment you don't have a confirmed place.

If you've decided not to do the event then again, just let me know please.

I have a RBRR progress meeting to attend on 24th July and at that meeting I would like to formally close the entry, we are over subscribed and so if you have not paid by then I think it would be reasonable to assume you do not want to take up the place and your entry will be void.


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