Saturday, 22 May 2010

Reserve List News

It's what you've all been waiting for, we have decided to give the current reserve list the certainty of running in the 2010 RBRR. So, entry numbers up to 130 have a confirmed place, as soon as you send me a cheque for your entry fees!

I have emailed ALL entrants with the news, if you have not had an email then either you didn't give me an email address or you have an over active spam filter. Please email me direct and I will fix the RBRR records to ensure you get the next communication.


It's been pointed out that my email was a little ambiguous on the payment issue. It's the reservists who's cheques are out of date and need to pay. The entries who were on the original Running List (1 to 100) have paid and your cheques have been cashed.

Foreign entrants can get in touch with me and we can organise special payment arrangements.

I do not accept luncheon vouchers, IOUs or freshly printed fivers, thanks all the same :-)

Sorry for any confusion.

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