Thursday, 26 November 2009

Yep, more cars!

I have had a few more e-mailed pics showing RBRR 2010 cars, so here we go:
Andy and Sarah Johnson's lovely Stag, this has now done one previous RBRR. They are well known within Club circles for owning a nice Herald 1200 saloon, however this has had an attack of the dreaded rust bug. So to keep their Triumph driving alive whilst Andy fires up the MIG they bought this Stag. Its a nice mk1 that has had a Rover V8 engine inserted into the engine bay to replace the Triumph V8, Andy has no plans to change it back to the Triumph engine at pres. At present we have 9 Stags entered into the RBRR, makes alot of sense to use such a luxurious car eh!

Next up, its 'Dollyroo'! This car is owned by American Bill Goodwin, Bill leaves it with Carl Shakespeare in the UK and uses it when he comes over to do CT events. Seems a good idea, I understand that Bill will take the car home when he decides that he has done enough events, no sign of this happening at present though. Instead of having a the 1850cc engine, Bill's car has a TR7 2000cc slant four, seems a good idea. The car was recently used on the 10CR and apart from a fan incident did the event with ease. Its a nice looking car.

Right, here we have the GT6 m1 of Pat Barber. Pat is a top lad, he often brings a car over from his home in the USA to do the RBRR, commitment or what. Pat and his buddy Blake Discher brought this one over back in 2004 and apart from an incident with fuel completed the event with ease. Its a fantastic looking car and I believe Pat has had her painted in recent months-I for one am looking forward to seeing the car on the RBRR. Bravo, Pat!

Another regular RBRR car now, this one being Russell Banyard's 2000 mk2 estate. Getting rare now this big estate cars and this one is particluary nice, set off by a set of 15'' Compomotive ML wheels. Surely the 2000 estate is the ideal car to do the RBRR in, massive space for the spares plus the ability to stretch out, can't be bad.
Russell sent the following with his pic:
I've owned this car since November 2003, bought with only 44000 on the clock. It's completed various club events, RBRR04/06, La Carrera, Historic Counties and 2 trips to Le Mans Classic all helping to towards the 20000 miles it's done in my ownership. Mechanically it's a standard 2000, except for the Witor Exhaust, Aldon Ignitor, Compomotive MLs and uprated/lower rear springs. Very much looking forward to RBRR2010 after withdrawing from the 2008 event.

Finally for this edition of the Blog, here is Jim McGuiness' GT6 mk2. Jim bought this car from Graham Reeks when Graham emigrated to Australia. I cannot think of anyone who is looking forward to the RBRR than Jim, his enthusiasm is contagious. Jim's knowledge of Scottish roads is second to none, as can be seen this pic was taken at a Talla Linfoots Reservoir, somewhere north of the border!
The car completed the 08 RBRR with ease, I think the only problem being a water pump failure in Cornwall, this was replaced and Jim with his co-driver Theo Boonen romped to the finish. It must be stated that Jim's car will have done over 3000 miles by the time he gets back to his Scottish home-commitment eh!

If you have entered the 2010 RBRR, and have not sent a pic and descriotion of your car, please do as I would like to feature all the cars. Usual e-mail address please.

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