Friday, 27 November 2009

And still they come

The entry Tsunami has subsided and I'm now down to a manageable trickle of forms. The reserve list is therefore slowly growing, which is good.

Although the quality of form completion has been much better this year - thank you, there are still some gaps. Mainly due to legibility issues with handwriting, especially with email addresses.

Can you please check the details recorded on the entry list are correct, if not then just email me -chinn at ntlworld dot com. Please update me with any changes ASAP.

If you see your details on the list then you know I have your form, if you have not received an email from me it will be because your email address has failed either because I can't decipher your handwriting or you have a problem with your provider. Either way, get in touch and let me know because I don't always get any feedback to tell me there is a problem - emails just disappear off into the interweb. I sometimes get failure messages but often they can be days later.

The most up to date list will always be here

Please also remember that at least one of the crew must be a paid up member of Club Triumph to enter the RBRR. If your membership is not up to date then Tim or I will let you know, please do renew as there will be a queue of members wanting your place!


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