Monday, 23 November 2009

More entered cars

I received a few e-mails from enthuiastic Entrants today showing their cars, so here they are:

First off the gorgeous Stag of Mike Weaver. Blimey, what a beaut! Mike re-built this car a couple of years ago, and as can be seen did a great job. I also understand that Mike owns a very nice TR5, lucky feller eh! As many know Mike is now re-building a Ferguson 4WD Estate which has a Stag lump. Looks like it will be a superb car, and if Mike gets it finished in time he will use for the RBRR, we reckon it will grace the RBRR.

Next up is the glorious 2500S of Allen Walker. Allen very kindly sent some words with his pic, so here is Allen's decription of the car:
'The car is a 1976 2500S saloon which I have owned since July 2005. Though the car was in good nick generally I've had to do quite a lot to get the tired mechanics sorted. I've pretty much replaced all the suspension components, the PAS rack (twice), the brakes and plenty of other bits and pieces. The car has had most of the accepted 'sensible upgrades', including lowering the car to pre-facelift height, stiffer springs, KYB dampers all round, uprated driveshafts, semi-sport exhaust, CR increase to 9:1, P.I. cam, electronic ignition, and so on.
The car is my daily driver. I think the longest single journey I've ever done in it is to Oxford and back (from Chester), so RBRR will be a real challenge for us and the car'.

Looking at the car, I doubt if the RBRR will be a struggle, without tempting fate, it should be a breeze!

Next up is Alan Chatterton's entry, this will be his friend Bradley Louren's 2.5Pi, another nice car eh. Alan sold the car to Bradley recently to make space in hs garage for a secret project, I understand it is something very special! Alan sent some words as well:
'LJH464L Pimento Red 2.5PI (on carbs) bought of ebay in August for £800 after getting withdrawal symptons for a useable car to have some fun in! Flew up to Edinburgh to collect and drove it home 350 miles without a hitch! Gearbox bearings need doing, needs a new exhaust but it just flew through its MOT with no issues.... so it's ready for the RBRR! Just sold it to my co-pilot, Bradley as he just loved the car from the moment he saw it and I needed some space for the next project.............. All being well, it should still be in one piece in October!'

Alan has been a great supporter of the RBRR since his first one in 1998, he usually enters using his old yellow 2500S estate, this has now been sold which is a shame as it was very nice and very distinctive. Expect his car to shine when it arrives in the car park at The Plough, he loves to polish!

Right, a change from the saloon range, here is the Tr7 V8 of Anthony Davies, looks like he is not scared of using the car-great water shot eh! Anthony sent some words, so here you go:

'Converted to V8 before I bought the car. Needed some bodywork before putting it on the road, fitted a roll cage, and has now been on the road for last 3 summers.I have used it for a Hill climb and Standard Triumph day at Prescott, a couple of economy rallies, production car autotest and last years CT HCR event.Before the RBRR it needs a new petrol tank fitted, We intend to convert to disc brakes at the rear, and the gearbox needs some attention. Amanda my partner has only driven the car up Prescot hill climb so she needs to do some road mileage to get used to the car before next October'.

Looking at the entry I see we have a few V8 TR7s entered, i know the other two: Peeter Ots example does CT Track Days and Mike Bestard's blue version is a beauty that breezed the recent 10CR (Mike also owns a rapid GT6 mk3 convertible, a very inspirational car that one).

Blimey, pics of cars are coming thick and fast!
The next one is a car that has now be owned by two CT Members and has been entered by its present owner Dave Cox, the car being his 'Worksalike' Dolomite 1500. I think Dave bought the car this summer and has already got out and about in the vehicle, I think he has done the Essex 12 car Rally from August and the recent Club Triumph Nederlands Dutch Rally, a great supporter of CT, he's def. got the bug eh! Not too sure on the specification of the car, I imagine it will become more and more modified as time progresses. Dave is taking part in his first RBRR and we, of course wish him well.

Next up we have two of the 'Reservists':
First is Dutchman Roger Hoogman and his very nice GT6. Roger is a real Triumph man and another guy who is a supporter of CT. As can be seen the car sits on 14'' 5 spoke Revolution wheels and has been been subject to the usual suspension mods of lowered suspension and polyurethane bushes. The car has been off the road for a couple of years as Roger gets on with his 2.5Pi mk1, however expect to see the car at the start resplendent in white! The phot is from the 2006 RBRR and was taken at Lands End.

Next up is young Jonathan Kubiak's Spitfire mk4. Jonathan has only just bought this car, his first old car. He seems very keen and is chomping at the bit to get onto the RBRR. He sent some words with his e-mail to me:
'I bought the car off ebay in July. She is my first car and my first experience with classics! I'd never even heard of the Spitfire until seeing one on TV.She had a full, 3 year restoration in 1991 but had been garaged for the following 15 years on SORN.I bought her, made it the 30miles home through central London without a breakdown so drove to Glastonberry the next day - no problems!Since then, apart from an exhaust falling off (now full stainless sports - sounds great!) two failed fuel pumps (now electric), some dizzy problems (points and cap), she has been great.I have gone to North Wales and Isle of Man, where somehow she scraped 100mph!Bodywork is good, paint passable, engine sweet and gearbox OK'.

Now onto a RBRR regular's car, that being Dave Kent and his superb little mk4 Spitfire. Dave has now done 12RBRRs, using all manner of Triumph cars. Talking to him I believe the Spitfire is his favourite one. It certainly is a nice car, all the usual mods have been done: Overdrive gearbox, polybushed and lowered suspension, racey exhaust and for the last RBRR a hardtop. The car sits on Dunlop 5.5J holed steels and to my eye looks great. Dave would be the first to admit that she is getting abit tatty around the edges, however he could be spending some money on her soon. Good luck, Dave on your 13th RBRR!!!

Good luck to all the above on the event especially Mike, Allen, Anthony and Dave on their first RBRR. Roger and Jonathan should not fret, we expect some withdrawals from the event before next October, so a place should become forthcoming.

I hope to post some more pics tomorrow. So far I think it is fair to say all the entered cars look very smart and purposeful. I think it is fair to say that the quality of cars taking part in the RBRR gets better each time we run the event.

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