Friday, 20 November 2009

Update - Reserve List active

We are now up to entry 110, so we have 10 "Reservists". If you are on the Running List and you want to withdraw, PLEASE do so as quickly as possible as I have anxious Reservists waiting. I will refund withdrawn entries in full, right up to 31st August 2010. Don't leave it to the last minute please.

The most up to date list will always be here

Now we've heard a little good natured mumbling about the way the list has filled up and so it's probably a good idea for me to set out the form on these things.

Firstly - why a limit of 100 cars?
The prime reason is that the event needs to be managed, one of the reasons why the RBRR is such a long running event is because it's not a chaotic free for all! There are food stops to be organised and so numbers are limited by these - we don't want a repeat of the Lands End situation where tired hungry crews turned up, on time to find no food available. That will not happen this time.

Also, last time the admin for 147 was a bit of a nightmare with so many changes of cars, crews, etc. It takes a lot of volunteer time to make it look this easy - none of Club Triumphs officers are salaried.

OK, all that said and done, we run the RBRR to get 100 Triumphs and a couple of hundred plus Triumph enthusiasts out in the world, driving and enjoying their cars (and other people's). So, it's not in our nature to deny anyone a place, we will try as hard as we can to get you all out on the road.

In 2008 we had 147 entrants and 112 starters - that means 35 people withdrew before the start. It's a recurring story and one familiar to me - the car's not ready, I have no money, my wife/girlfriend/mummy won't let me, I have to work, my co-driver has been abducted by aliens, the jet engine won't fit between the chassis rails, that sort of thing.

So, fear not! Your organising committee will do their level best to get you on the run.

If you're on the reserve list, you will have received an email from me, as should everyone on the running list.

Reservists, if you have sent me a cheque, I will hold on to it until a place becomes available, then I will contact you to confirm you still want a place before I present it to the bank.

Finally, a couple of people have contacted me asking if I can help them find a crewman, well better than that, I can help you find one yourselves. Check out the RBRR section of the Forum and you'll see The "crewman required" thread. This is the best place to fill that empty seat or get a drive if you're without wheels.

No further updates now, I am off for a weekend in Paris.

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