Friday, 20 November 2009

The Cars

Thought it would be a good idea to post photos of some of the cars that are taking part and include some of the details about them:

First up, is the GT6 mk1 owned by Floyd Pattie from Essex. Lovely little car that is starting to get some serious useage in CT events, Floyd used it for the CT HCR and the CT Autosolo this year. I understand that at present Floyd is putting a overdrive gearbox into the car. As can be seen the car features minilite replica wheels, otherwise I think the car is fairly standard. Nice eh.

Next is the TR4A owned by CT Vice Chairman Tim Hunt. This car has completed more RBRRs than any other car. Tim inherited the car from his father and has certainly used the vehicle. All mods have been done with an eye on making it more useable for the RBRR. Amazingly enough Tim first used the car on the RBRR in 1974 and has now completed 15 RBRRs!!!

Umm, another GT6, this time the mk2 owned by Keith Dandridge, what a car this one is, quite modified, by still featuring all Triumph running gear. The engine is fairly standard, apart from a tubular manifold and HS6 carbs filtered by ITG units inside 'Fray Bentos' pie tins! As can be seen the car runs on a set of early 80s Caterham Alloy wheels. Keith has just re-painted the car and it looks stunning. Keith will be partnred by Karl Dandridge on the RBRR, these guys do not mess around, so look out for them in your rear view mirror!
Keith Bennett's venerable TR4A is shown next, this is another regular RBRR car. Keith fitted a re-furbished chassis to her back in 2004, and made a great job of it. The car is another fast one that has again had many a mod. done to it to make it more suitable for the RBRR and similar events. I believe the engine is in standard tune, however like Tim Hunt's makes a nice 4 pot rasp. Good car eh!

Blimey, its time for Dave Langrick's Spitfire mk4. Ths car features a 2.5pi lump and like most shown so far has been owned by Dave for 20 years or so. Nicknmaed the 'Maiden' its a fantastic car, that really shifts. Recently Dave has been fitting some new parts such as Canley Classics big stub axle kit and other bits and pieces. For the RBRR Dave hopes to fit his new chassis that will have the engine and gearbox back 6''. This will make the handling alot more neutral and fun.

I will post more pics up soon. However looking at the entry list I see that I do not have pics of many cars, so please send a nice shot of the car and a brief history/spec. of the car to me the usual e-mail addresses. (Apols about the fact that many of the pics seem to feature my GT6 in the shot).

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