Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Full Running list - Reserve List started

I've just come back from a few days away, only to Norwich this time! I had a little bundle of entry forms and cheques and I have now processed all I have.

I also had some updates on entries, corrections and some email addresses to check - thanks. Everyone who enters should get an email from me. If I get a failure message I will always try a call or alternative method but quite often I just don't get anything back. As you'll appreciate I can't say "If you don't get my email, tell me" but in simple terms, if you gave me an email address (ie 99% of you) then you should have had an email from me!

Anyway, enough of such things. The Running List is full and I have started a Reserve List. You will always find the full list here
and that includes both Running and Reserve Lists.

I have emailled out to all Reservists - basically I do not cash your cheques until a place becomes available and even then I will advise you first. We will always try our best to get you on the Run and we have not had to turn a willing entrant away yet. It may take some time and if you are low down the Reserve List you may not get "called up" until a few weeks before the Run.

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