Saturday, 21 November 2009

More RBRR 2010 cars

Some more of the cars that are entered into the RBRR.

First a vehicle that is not strictly speaking a Triumph, although they were made at Canley and in fact marketed as a Triumph in the USA. It's Lloyd McNeil's Standard Ten pick up, Lloyd and his father Ken used on the last RBRR and although they did not get that much sleep the pick up did well. It features a Spitfire 1500 engine and overdrive gearbox, the live axle has a Spitfire crown wheel and pinion fitted at the back all making for a vehicle that can keep up with modern traffic. Nice bit of variety to the entered cars.

Now another type of Triumph that does not feature that much in RBRRs, the 1300TC of Yogi Gay. Yogis has been part of Club Triumph for years and has decided to have another go at the RBRR. Yogi sent the pic and some words to me yesterday, so I'll let him explain the car to readers of this blog:
'This my 1300TC. I've owned it since 1995, (the year after I did my last RBRR) but it was off the road for nine years, 1999 to 2008. It is now something of a hybrid. It has a 1500 FWD subframe, gearbox, starter motor, radiator and alternator but still with the 1300 engine. In my veiw the best bits of both cars.The 1500 'box is slightly higher geared but the main reason for having it is the uprated input shaft. I've broken two of the original ones. It is still very much a work in progress and I doubt it will ever be finished. Next job is to try and fit Dolomite front suspension so I can fit the adjustable shocks to bring the front end down. Then I'd like a decent exhaust but bits of it will have to be specially made so it may be rather expensive. For some reason there doesn't seem to be a market for tuning stuff for the FWDs. Can't think why!'

Now another chap who has been in the Triumph scene for years, Alan Petit and his mk2 Vitesse saloon. Alan is a keen historic rally driver and built a very nice mk3 Spitfire rally car that is now owned by an ex-works Triumph racer and looked after by Dave Pearson at Canley Classics. Not sure how long Alan has owned his Vitesse, he used it on the 2009 CT Autosolo at Bovingdon and acheived some crazy roll angles. Great to see a Vitesse Saloon taking part in the RBRR, at present I think only 3 Vitesse are entered, an unusually low amount.

Next up is James Carruther's lovely little Spitfire mk3. James has owned this car for sometime and is still being finished following a lengthy re-build. It should be quite a modified car with a trick engine running on Dellorto side draught carbs and megajolt ignition. The pic shows the car back in 2004 on the RBRR at Crask Inn in Scotland. I am sure many within the Club are looking forward to seeing this delightful little car come out of hibernation!

Finally a big Saloon, this being the 2.5Pi mk2 of Nick Jackson. This car is features an unusual colour and has been the subject of a nice re-paint a couple of years ago. I do not think it is that modified, but no need as these cars are so useable and modern. A nice car and of course a very sensible choice for the RBRR. Nick also owns a mk2 GT6 that is in the middle of a full restoration, a car that hopefully will do the RBRR one year.

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