Saturday, 21 November 2009

Different types

Had a bit of time on my hands before popping out this evening:

Here is the listing of cars by different types:
9no. Stag (Includes one Rover V8 engined car)
7no. 2.5/2500Pi
6no. 2000 mk1 (Includes a few early mk 1 running with 2.5Pi lumps)
5no. 2000 mk2
5no. 2500S
5no. GT6 mk2
5no. GT6 mk3 (Includes one Mk 3 re-bodied as a convertible)
5no. Spitfire 1500
4no. Herald 1200 (Includes one with a Rover V8)
4no. Spitfire Mk4 (Includes one with a 2.5Pi lump)
4no. TR7 (Both FHC & DHC)
3no. Herald 13/60
3no. Vitesse mk2
3no. Dolomite 1850HL (Includes one with a TR7 2000 lump)
3no. TR7 V8 (All TR7 with Rover V8s subsequent added)
3no. TR5
3no. TR4A
2no. Courier Vans
2no. GT6 mk1 (Includes Pat Barber's example that is coming from the USA to take part)
2no. Toldeo
2no. 1300TC (!)
2no. Dolomite 1500
2no. Dolomite Sprint
2no. TR6
1no. Spitfire mk3
1no. 2500TC
1no. 1300
1no. Dolomite 1500SE
1no. TR2
1no. TR3
1no. TR4
1no. Standard 10 Pick Up
1no. Acclaim

Interesting point in these times of different engines being put into Triumph cars, the only substituted engine in any of the above is the Rover V8 engine-no Duratec/Zetec/K Series engines at all.

Grouping up into car types, we have the following (Bracketed figures are no. of finishers on 2008 event):
Herald 9no. (9no.)
Vitesse 3no. (5no.)
Spitfire 10no. (9no.)
GT6 12no. (7no.)
2000/2500: 24no. (27no.)
Stag: 9no. (10no)
TR Chassis: 11no. (8no.)
TR Mono: 7no. (4no.)
Dolomite/Toledo: 10no. (10no.)
1300: 3no. (0)
Acclaim: 1no. (3no)
Standard 10: 1no. (1no.)

Only real changes so far have been increases in GT6 and TR models.

All very preliminary as no withdrawals so far.

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