Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cars, cars, cars!

Had a few more e-mails sent to me with pics and descriptions of Entrant's cars:

First up is the rugged mk2 Saloon of CT Show and Events co-ordinator Bob King: THink its fair to say that the old car is'nt the best example, but its almost guranteed to complete the RBRR, this will be its 2nd attempt. Bob is a top guy, very enthusiastic and I know really looking forward to next October and the RBRR-good lad!

Now then, here is Clive Senior's lively Toledo. Clive uses this car for 12 car navigation rallies, autotests and a trial or two! Looks good, lots of suspension travel and therefore comfortable. Clive is building another Ford Zetec engined Spitfire and hopes it may be done in time for the RBRR, good luck old boy!

Now we have Darren Sharp's Dolomite 1500. Darren hada mishap on the 2004 RBRR with his Spitfire and decided to start using Dolomites and this one is a lovely example. What teriffic value for money these cars offer. I think this car is fairly standard apart from the wheels. The car completed the 08 RBRR and certainly looks capable of doing the same again.

Blimey, look at these young chaps! Not sure what Mike Bishop is attempting to do, stand up inspite of the JOG winds? Mike, Colin Wake and Darren Armitage used this car in the 96 RBRR and are attempting to do likewise this time. I understand that the car is buried below loads of other Triumph car parts and that Mike and Colin have a fair bit of work to do to her. I expect we will all see a nicely presented car when it arrives at the start, however they will almost certainly be late! Great that we have 3 1300s taking part! One of the most under-rated Triumph cars?

Now we have Paul Hughes' Dolomite Sprint, this car will be well known to all who take part in these CT events. Paul uses it all the time, taking part in autosolos, track days and the like. He has recently fitted some bigger brakes to the car as he used to have a reputation for using brake pads. Paul's family are all Triumph people, his brother Scott has a nice Stag and I believe younger brother Chris is building a Spitfire at present, also I think their Father worked for Triumph at Canley. Quite a few CT members seem to come from families that have Triumph blood in their veins.

This leads nicely onto Doug Thompson's 2000mk1, this car is basically a mk1 2.5Pi and like many of those injected beasties, flys! His co-driving brother Andy sent the following specification:

1964 Mk1 2000 Cactus
2.5PI with 357 Cam and 6-3-1
Manual Overdrive Stag Box and A Type OD
Lowered with Stag Brakes etc
Datsun Shafts
15 x 6 Minotaurs
Black Leather XJS Seats

Has completed 2006 RBRR and 2007 10CR including the Stelvio so the PI must be set up Ok!

Doug's car is obviously the one in the middle! Its flanked by Dave Tongue's very nice Wedgewood Blue 2000 mk1 and Andy Martin's ex-works Vitesse-both cars sadly not entered for this RBRR.

Andy is flying over from Perth, Australia to take part. I understand that Doug and Andy's parents were Triumph fans and enthused their sons to get into these cars. Andy has a number of Triumph cars back in Australia, the best known being his glorious white mk1 2.5Pi. It'll be a treat to see Doug and Andy on the RBRR in the cactus car!

Enough saloon cars, here's Stephen Pratt's Spitfire 1500. Stephen has not enjoyed the best of luck on CT endurance events, retiring from the last two 10CRs. Here are Steve's words:

SGC on the 10CR this year somewhere in the Haute Loire area a few hours after leaving the Millau Bridge shortly before our decent into the Ardeche Valley, Car was going great at this point. It's a 1976 1500 I have owned for 5 years and is more or less bog standard (including the pesky exhaust manifold!) A slight concession to extra comfort are the MX5 seats. This was our second abortive attempt at the 10CR, so I have entered the RBRR full of confidence as we are on the mainland! The engine is still a bit sick at the moment but will be running again shortly.

Good luck Steve

Another Spitfire, this one being the lovely red 1500 owned by Essex member Paul Beeson. This will be Paul's 3rd RBRR and I think it is fair to say that he loves the RBRR. This little car is bloomin' nice and looks very purposeful on its 14'' Minilite wheels. I don't think it has many modifications, but has the two essentials for any Spitfire taking part in the RBRR, a hardtop and overdrive! The car always looks great and surely graces the RBRR with its prescence!

Now we have a very nice GT6 mk2 owned by Tim Walker, I for one am looking forward to seeing this car as it has benn modified in what must be said in a sensible manner. Again I was sent some words about the car:

Picture of car attached, taken last year and showing off its new wheels.
i) Polybushed (red)
ii) Spitfire rack with solid mounts
iii) John Wolfe ARB drop links
iv) CC trunions and vertical links
v) CC Caterham hubs
vi) Lowered with 475lb springs
vii) Protech alloy shocks with modified top mount to get extra travel after lowering front.
viii) Standard front brakes other than drilled disks with M1144 pads
ix) Megajolt
x) 0.75 lowering block
xi) Coilover shocks with 100lb springs attached to non-roto chassis mount
xii) CV drive shafts

To do before RBRR:
Engine is from Mk2 saloon and should be replaced with something a bit livelier very soon with a Witor head, 6-3-1 manifold and big bore single box system. Gearbox is standard but should be replaced at same time as engine with a Canley Classic HD box with J type overdrive. Recover and refoam seats with Park Lane Classics leather covers with red piping. Fit Golf or Civic radiator. I think thats about it!!

This will be Tim's first RBRR and looking at the above specification I think the car is up to it!

I know it will be expected, but I am dead pleased that we have 5 mk2 GT6s taking part, the others being: Keith Dandridge's silver example, Katie Foreman's royal blue one, Dave Picton's maroon car that he is presently finishing off and my old blue one. Fantastic!

Below is Pete Jordan's 2.5Pi mk2 estate, Pete's another regular RBRR entrant and his car is a beauty. The car did the recent 10CR with no problem, even taking a literal spin at The 'Ring! I think the car has the usual big saloon mods: Polybushes, uprated springs and mods etc. Nice car that I believe Pete uses as his 'daily driver'.

Finally, exhausting all the pics and info I have of the cars taking part is Alex Chandler's 2000 mk1 saloon. Alex has just re-painted the car and has worked through most of the car's small problems. Next up is the installation of a 2500cc engine with overdrive 'box. Alex is another massive RBRR enthusiast and whatever is happening on the event, always smiling. I think RBRR fever is infecting his family as his Dad has entered the RBRR using his Stag.

More pics and words about entrants cars when I get them.

Next time I will discuss the Control Stops we hope to use.


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