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Hi All,

We hope that your RBRR prep work is going well, it's amazing how time flies and an event that one thought was months away is suddenly just weeks away, gawd!

Organisation of the event is obviously hotting up and its starting to get a bit busy here at RBRR central! The team are working very hard to ensure that the 2014 stands up well compared to high standard set by the previous 23no RBRRs.

Charity News

MacMillan will be sending a representative to the Drivers Meeting, they will also attend the start, and Control Stops at Gledrid Services and Bude.

If you have not created a Just Giving page, please ensure that you do as we want all entrants to raise money for MacMillan. Using Just Giving is such a simple method of going out and obtaining pledges, so please use this modern system. However, should you really object, I will send entrants a pledge sheet, contact me on

Drivers Meeting

We do hope that all crews will be able to make the DM. This will be held at the Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire, CV35 0BJ. The meeting will start at 12.30hrs. However, we ask for you to arrive before then as we have to dish out the Driver Packs which include the Road Book before the meeting and this can take time. Please do not arrive at 12.30 as we will not be able to give you your pack before the meet and as we discuss the Road Book and Route it is desirable to have the booklet with you.

As for the last 2 RBRR DMs, we will be holding a powerpoint type presentation that will include an excerpt about MacMillan Cancer Support and one of their representatives will be attending to talk to us.

If you cannot make the DM, please let me know on or text on 07966 289 782. Of course, we realise that it is a big ask to expect the European entrants to come over to the UK for an afternoon meeting, therefore other arrangements are being made for them.

RBRR Merchandise

This RBRR, we will be offering two RBRR items, a polo shirt and a mug. The polo shirt is available now, you can order from the Club Shopkeeper Tina Lacey by using the following contact details: or by phone on 01865 468 055, between 12.00 and 20.00hrs. The cost of the polo shirt will be £15.00. To keep the price competitive, please order now and collect at the Drivers Meeting. The design is fairly simple, consisting of the CT logo on one sleeve, the MacMillan logo on the other and a new RBRR logo on the breast. All the usual sizes will be available and the colour is dark blue.

We also hope to have a dark blue RBRR mug available to sell at the Drivers Meeting.

Road Book

This is almost complete, the route has been finalised and all the MSA Route Liaision officers have been more than happy with our route. The RB will follow the tried and tested design of previous years, its logical and it works. We bang on about this, but when you are presented with your copy at the Drivers Meeting, use it to mark up a GB road atlas, this is such a great way  to learn the route.

Entry Level

The most important message to get across is as the rules of the event, we can only offer full refunds until 01/09/14. Therefore should one unfortunately need to withdraw from the RBRR, do let Jason know asap.

At present, we have 114no starters, something like 30% are new crews, we are chuffed about that, welcome to all.  As ever, bearing a few exceptions, we should have the full range of Triumph models taking part, should be some spectacle at The Plough start.

Please let Jason know about any entry revisions as soon as they are known, email him on The last thing we need is entry revisions on the eve of the event as this causes us problems, please help us to help you. Looking at the Entry List, we see some revisions or changes that we know are going to be made, but that we have not been made aware of, please let Jason know!

Here is the current Entry List:
Triumph Model Entry
2000mk1                            13no                                                   Spitfire mk2        2no
2.5Pi/2500pi mk2             11no                                                   Spitfire mk3        2no
Stag                                       8no                                                     TR4                       2no
2000mk2                            8no                                                     TR5                       2no
Spitfire 1500                      8no                                                     GT6 mk3              2no
TR7                                      5no                                                     Herald 1200        2no
TR6                                     4no                                                     Vitesse Mk1        2no
TR4A                                    4no                                                     TR3A                     1no
2500S                                  4no                                                     Moss Special       1no
Dolomite 1850                  4no                                                     1300                     1no
Dolomite Sprint                 4no                                                     Toledo                 1no
Dolomite 1500                  3no                                                   Acclaim                1no
2.5Pi mk1                           3no                                                     Renown               1no
Herald 13/60                     3no                                                     Spitfire 4              1no
Dolomite 1500                  3no                                                     GT6 mk1              1no
Spitfire mk4                    3no                                                      GT6 mk2              1no
Vitesse 1600                   2no                                                        Herald 12/50      1no 
Looking at the entry listing, the rarest cars taking part are Dirk's Renown, Ted's 2.5Pi mk1 estate, Andy's Del Lines Stag Saloon and Russell's Spitfire 4. We are so pleased that these vehicles are entered. We understand that Dirk and Ted are grafting on their respective cars, so we wish them well.

It is great to report that many CT members are bringing their cars over from Europe, a big welcome Michal, Dieter, Dirk to the RBRR and of course regular CT stalwarts Roger and Theo over from Holland.

Having just reviewed the entry listing, I am amazed to see that something like 55% of the cars entered have not done the RBRR before, this being the highest percentage I have seen before. Many of these have been entered by experienced RBRR'ers whose cars are either old restoration projects that have finally seen the light of day or new cars to replace ones that they have worn out! Of course, it seems that most Triumph owners cannot just own one Triumph, they have to own two or three!!!

Controls and Marshals

These are all finalised, one or two were quite tricky to arrange, this means that for the 50th anniversary RBRR we will be looking for quite a few new venues to hold Controls.

Should you like your friends or family to come along to a stop to see you and to get a flavour of the event, please do ask them along. To aid this, we will give a full listing of the Controls with times and more exact addresses within the next edition of the Club's magazine Club Torque.

The Marshals have been arranged, all coming from the membership of the Club, as ever without these volunteers we would not be able to run this event.

So with something like 47 days to go, good luck with your prep work and see you at Gaydon in September or at the start in October.


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