Saturday, 29 September 2012

New Breakfast halt for Cornwall

Well we had some fun and games this week.

The establishment that we had booked  months ago contacted Tim earlier in the week to say that they could not help us as they have had some serious problems. This was not what you want two weeks before 100 hungry crews are due to descend!

Some serious running around ensued and Tim has saved the day, the breakfast for Cornwall will be at the Lands End Hotel, the place we have used for many a year.

Yes we know that they were poor the last time we were there but two things have changed,
No 1, we are in a serious bind!
No 2, LEH are under new management and have been incredibly helpful to us in finding a new source of food at short notice, literally saved our bacon!

So when you arrive at Lands End as per the Road Book, stop and have your breakfast, then proceed straight to Bude, miss out Cape Cornwall Gold Club.

This information will be published within the Final Instructions that will be distributed to crews as they sign in.

Remember at the start, all crew members must sign in-immediately upon arrrival! That means ALL crew members, everyone, the whole lot - NOT just the driver (and it doesn't mean the driver can sign for all the crew), we need a signature off every occupant of every car.


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