Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Club Triumph Membership and RBRR Entry

It's that "eye of the storm" time with RBRR organising where not a huge amount appears to be happening but all around us stuff is going on. Route tweaks, control stop arrangements, permits and red tape, entry amendments, etc.

A couple of things have come up that I would like you all to sit up and take notice of please. Firstly, membership - to run your car on the RBRR the main entrant MUST be a member of Club Triumph to take part. That means that if your membership expires and you don't renew it not only will you have to re-join to be a member but you also run the risk of losing your entry on the run.

Now realistically I am not going to kick people off the run if I can help it but how long should I leave it? A week, a fortnight, a month? How many reminders are enough? There's the obvious oversights we all make but if you've had your two or three reminders and an email from me then it's got to be time to sort your membership out and cough up. Remember, the officers of this club do their jobs for nothing, no pay, they give their time for free. So please make life simple and renew in good time.

Oh and to all those who respond when first approached with "sorry, I'll cough up now" - thank you :-)

Secondly, withdrawals. It happens, things come up, circumstances change and sometimes there's nothing you can do but bail. I will process withdrawals as fast as I can but remember that getting a cheque out of Club Triumph can be a slow process as we don't all live within a stones throw or each other and club cheques need two signatures. Also the treasurer, the guy who is prepared to do that job for no pay, doesn't do email. So it can be a slow process - sorry. I try and start it as soon as I can but I am not always in the right country!

Oh and marshals - sorry of we've been a bit tardy with the emails but please don't go cold on the idea. Tim will coordinate this so drop him an email if you want to get involved in manning a control.

That's all for now, I've got cheques to bank, refunds to request and memberships to chase :-)


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