Sunday, 31 January 2010

All quiet at the front

There have been a few new entries dripping in and we're up to entry 123. There have been a few crew shuffles and I have updated the entry list accordingly. I've had a few questions about crews and RBRR 'protocol' so I thought I'd answer those here as well as individually.

Q - "I haven't had an email, is my entry accepted?"
A - I have sent an email response to all the entries I have received. Apart from the last entry (that took me a week to reply to, sorry) everyone gets an email back straight away. If you have not had an email please get in touch, it's likely that I have read your email address wrong or you've given me a duff one!

Q - "Where can I see the entry list?"
A - Click here for the most up to date list

Q - "My co-driver can't make it to the start, can we pick him up on the way?" also "Can I drop off my co-driver before the finish?"
A - "In short, no. In order to participate the whole crew must sign in at the Plough at the start and again at the finish. We need to count you all out and count you all back in again.

Q - "My 12 year old son would like to come with us, is that allowed?"
A - Yes it's allowed but he must be registered as part of the crew. Get in touch direct with me if you want to add to the crew.

Q - "I might not be able to make the run, if I can't make it will I get a refund?"
A - If you know you won't be on the run then please let me know ASAP and I can release your place for use by one of the eager reserve list. If you let me know before 31st August then you will get a full refund. If you let me know after that date you may not get any refund.

Q - "I've entered a crew of two, can I add someone later?"
A - Yes, as long as I get full details and an entry fee, get in touch with me direct.

Q - "Can't I just bring him along on the day and pay you then?"
A - "No, we need to prepare entry lists, sign on details and to let the food stops know numbers. If you pitch up with an extra mouth to feed it will cause us a headache so please, let me know well in advance.

There will be more questions so please don't hesitate to ask them. There are 19 first timers in the running list and of the 23 reservists, 13 are first timers. This is great and rest assured that the organising team are happy to help you out should you have any questions. Remember that there the driver's briefing will answer a lot but don't be shy.


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