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I hope all reading this have had a great Xmas and that with a New Year due thoughts are optimistic for 2010.

The new CT Public Relations Officer Mike Charlton, has quite rightly been asking me to get some photos together which epitomise the RBRR so he can get a Press Release together. Some of them are very good, most have been featured elsewhere but I think warrant being shown on this Blog, so here goes:

This picture was taken on the A836 near Crask Inn and features the sad demise of Andrew Howart's TR4. Great to be able to state that this car is nearly back on the road following a lengthy re-build and will be at the start of the 2010 event. The 3 red cars are the interesting Bond Equipe of Guy Singleton, the Herald 1200 Convertible of Dale Barker and James Carruther's mk3 Spitfire that is also returning to the RBRR after a similar length of time of the road as Andrew's TR.

This one taken by Ellis Stokes back in 2004 shows to good effect some of the stunning scenery that we all get to see whilst driving the route. I think this is up in Scotland along the A836 after Bonar Bridge alongside the Dornach Firth, just befor the turn onto the B9176. Fantastic pic eh! Interesting to see Martin Randle's TR7 before the works type paint scheme was applied, Ellis's red TR7 DHC is an ex- Canadian left hooker.

A nice atmospheric snap of the entrance to the Lands End complex, I particulary like the way that a car that is approaching picks up the yellow paint on the nose of Mark Deacon's mk1 GT6. The other cars in the pic are the mk1 2.5 of Lester French and the Stag of Andy and Sarah Johnson, I cannot distinguish the Spitfire. Good pic eh!

Not sure who took this one, but I like the modern low level look and the way that Mike Helm's TR6 is slightly out of focus. Again another atmospheric snap. This was taken in 2008 at Edinburgh Airport and is a belter! I think the Stag is owned by Philip Jackson, I imagine the Dolomite is Bill Goodwin's. The white 2000 mk2 with revolution wheels pulling out in front of Mike is the V8 monster owned by Roger Baldwinson.

Right, this one was taken at Dartmoor Lodge back in 2006 and features the glorious 2000 mk2 of Nigel Gair (Recently the subject of a 5 page article in 'Retro Cars'), the works livery painted TR7 of Martin Randle and the very nice looking magenta coloured Dolomite Sprint of Jim Hylton. Martin seems to have put his overalls on, not sure why, obviously things were about to get serious!

This photo was taken at the start of the 08 event, the Herald in the centre being owned by Mike Barratt, the green Tr4A is owned by Keith Bennett and has done over 10 RBRRs, again in this pic. is the green mk1 GT6 of Mark Deacon. Mike and his daughter Libby had to sadly withdraw from the 2009 10CR, but hope to be with us on the RBRR in Mike's fetching French Blue GT6 mk3. Getting 112no. cars into the car park at The Plough was one of the more interesting problems that we had in 2008, however the start time of 18.30 rather than the old 19.00 start makes for more ease when attempting to get the cars out!

This one I think was taken in 2000 and features Dave Langrick and Lester French's 2.5 Pi looking suitably rallyesque! Dave and Lester are one of the stalwart RBRR crews that are always guaranteed to take part, for the 2010 event Dave wil be out in his mk4 Spitfire that has a 2.0 six cylinder lucas injected engine. 'Frenchie' will be in the above car, since then the car has been re-painted and does not have the matt black bonnet, bloody goes well though! Must say the Seaview Hotel looks in better condition these days.

This one show's a determined looking Steve Waddingham in his old Spitfire 1500 . This was taken on the M74 near Motherwell and as can be seen it is raining in a most off putting manner! Steve seems to have gone sticker mad, at this point he worked for Aston Martin and managed to get a serious amount of sponsorship. Before anyone queries the fact, his co-driver is fast asleep. Steve has now sold the car and is presently without a Triumph, however he has plans to get back into Triumph motoring, he will be a RBRR 2010 Marshal somewhere out in the sticks!
This one was taken back in 2008 at Badgers Holt in Dartmoor and features a nice selection of the cars taking part, including the Atlas(t) van of Dave Pearson. As we hope to go to Bude this time we may not be able to go to Dartmoor which will be a shame. Nigel Abdullah our RBRR Route Master is currently investigating the maps to see if we can fit it in, we hope we can as it was an enjoyable stop last time.
I like this one, taken in 2006, it shows Paul Beeson's smart little 1500 Spitfire (Pretty car this one-hardtops on square tailed Spits do look superb) with its minilite wheels covered in brake dust, good eh! The orange estate behind is the Rover V8 of Roger Keys, Roger still owns this car but his time is presently taken up running the Holden and Porsche business he and RBRR regular Andy Everett run called Monkfish Performance. Roger is also restoring a Dodge Challenger at present which will be a real beastie! Behind them can be seen Chris Gleeson fitting new brake pads to his TR6, Chris has entered the 2010 event in his stunningly nice red TR5. The cars were snapped at Conon Bridge Hotel.
If anyone reading this has any RBRR photos, do send them to me, and I will attempt to feature them on this Blog.

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