Monday, 30 November 2009

Sponsorship forms have been sent by email

I have just sent out the new "soft copy" sponsorship forms to all the registered email addresses I have.

I have a few concerns over some email addresses

69 - Martin Burrows - no email listed, I've sent it to your brother
70 - Andy Chandler - I got a rejection, resent and got nothing - now sorted
92 - Dave Picton - no email address listed so have used a yahoo one I have for Fred
113 - Richard Harker - deliver failure messages come back

As the charity aspect of the run is very important, I know you will all want your sponsor forms sooner rather than later so please get in touch if you have not received the email.

To ensure we don't get anyone masquerading as a RBRR entrant and collecting money using CT as a ruse, we won't be putting these forms on-line. The only way to get them is to give me a working email address.

I have been very careful to keep email addresses confidential by using the bcc field in emails but I'm human (I know, a revelation!) and I will make mistakes. So, if you have any concerns over the security of your email address, use a disposable one just for the RBRR and ditch it afterwards.

Club Triumph does not sell or pass on email addresses and you won't get "spammed" by CT, this is purely for RBRR admin and to keep the costs down for you.


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