Sunday, 25 September 2016

Not long now....

Thank you all to who attended the Drivers meeting -hopefully new and old entrants all got something useful from it-
So you all have your road books -now is the time to mark up your road atlas- use a highlighter that can been seen under map light.. work out were you will need fuel ..
You know where the control halts are and  where the passage controls are -you know your car better than anyone out where to splash and dash so to speak!

Car prep ..please please re-read the preparation tips on this blog ..look above for the page...don't pack a boot full of new spares..what's the point of having new hoses in the boot them now!

WZL (westonzoyland)  Is a new one to replace the soulless Gordarno services with its overpriced bad coffee and undermanned services ..but be aware its a long haul from Glenrid services where you need fill the car with fuel...personally I plan to call into Gordarno to "splash and dash" with fuel to make sure I am not on sediment filled fumes down the M5 to WZL (there is another services at Segdgemoor about 20 miles south or Gordarno..but you should all know this after looking at the atlas! )

There will be a catering van at WZL please use it! they have been very supportive of the event and are turning up just for us ..if you have any special requirements/requests you can let Vicki know via their facebook page here ..
treacle well tea rooms

Watch this space for more updates!

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