Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Ins and Outs ...entry list that is

Well its been a month for ins and outs ..a few crews have withdrawn and a few reserves joined as I write the entry is at 153..

Its a lot of cars and crew..and plenty for the organising team to be dealing with,please make sure you can make the Drivers Meeting
There is another organising team meeting planned for the end of July we will post up some more details then.

So back to the cars hope preparations are going well and the cars have been taken out for some good shake down runs..

Today's  top tip is relays!
Rather than all the current flowing through your 40 year old stalk  switch to your new high wattage headlights and spot lights melting the contacts by Blythe services why not install some relays that can handle the current flow ?-even better if you can replace the output wiring feeding the load as well with new suitably rated cable and connectors protected where needed in sleeving.

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  1. Shakedown run? I just did 900 mile from Bristol to Den Haag and back via the tunnel. Does that count?
    Still have the CibiƩ spotlights to fit though.