Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Latest entry news...report from Chinn Towers

Well it was a rude awakening for me at Chinn Towers this weekend!

- I was away for the weekend with Mrs C when Tim called and said the magazine had gone out early and I should brace myself for the usual deluge of mail.
I had not anticipated the magazine coming out so early, I was totally unprepared and absent from my post. Well suffice to say that things were taken care of, Offspring 1 (we never were very good with names) was looking after the house and she knows the drill so she'd picked up the envelopes and put them in order.
No 1 goes to Carl Shakespeare who is probably one of the closest CT members to my place, he'd hand delivered his entry and it's good to see he's resurrecting his old yellow Sprint. In fact there were 2 Sprints in the first 6 entries. the other being Mike Weaver's.
So the entry list looks like this at the moment
1 - Carl Shakespeare, Dolomite Sprint
2 - Mark Bulford, TR4A
3 - Mike Weaver, Dolomite Sprint
4 - Roger Keys, Stag
5- Francis Mol, TR7
6 - Andrew Moll, TR6

Who says the big saloon boys are always at the front?

We'll get the list on-line for everyone to see and I'll get some emails out confirming entries soon.

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