Thursday, 19 March 2015

Historic Marathon Rally Show and RBRR 2014 round up

Hi RBRR's and 10CR's,

Thanks to all that attended the CT Dinner last Saturday in Milton Keynes, a good night was had by all and we announced the amount that we raised for Macmillan Cancer Support, this being £60,243, however a few more donations have arrived so we may make £61,000.00. Well done all, we at RBRR HQ are very pleased as we have now raised over £500,000.00 for UK Charities since the RBRR took on a Charitable basis.

Those who did not manage to get to the CT Dinner will be sent out their Finishers Awards in the post over the next few weeks. As always I ask for patience as I have quite a few to send. If you have moved since entering the RBRR and have not informed me or Jason of you new address, please let me know asap so that I can send to the correct one.

Right, that more or less finishes the 2014 RBRR, so its onwards to the next one, that being the 50th Anniversary event since the first one in 1966.

The other reason for sending out this email is to ask if anyone who took part in the 2014RBRR or any that preceded or have taken part in the 10CR would like to come to the 2015 Historic Marathon Show to be held at Gaydon on Sunday 31st May 2015. Ted Taylor has kindly let CT have an area where we can exhibit RBRR or 10CR cars. Therefore, we are looking for cars to feature within our show area. Numbers are not limited, so we welcome any car that has RBRR or 10CR history.

If interested, please contact me. Upon receipt of a confirmation that one is attending, I will ask that the owner or user writes a small blurb about the car that features history, modifications, RBRR/10CR history and anecdotes about when the car was used on one of these events. I will send over a word doc template to aid this in the interests of making these sheets look similar. We ask that all attending ensure that they get to Gaydon for 9 o'clock if not before to enable us to manoeuvre cars into position. The show will start at 10 o'clock.

The HMRS is looking like a fantastic event that will feature many an ex works rally car as well as numerous celebrities, have a look at the advert that is on page 26 of the recent Club Torque magazine to get a flavour. We at CT really wish to show what the RBRR is about and what a RBRR car looks like and feature the terrific cars that have taken in our unique event. It looks like entry to the show is free, entry into the museum will cost.

Whilst on, I am looking for Marshals to work during the day, tasks will be to help set up event paraphernalia, manoeuvre cars and help public find their way around. If interested, please again contact me, we need 20 such Marshals.

Thanks for reading this blog entry and please think about attending the show, it should be good fun and if nothing else will enable RBRR's the chance to meet up with other such folk.



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