Monday, 25 November 2013

Back in Blighty to a pile of paperwork

I'm back, with jet lag and sleep deprivation to contend with (no sleep on the flight after a very busy week in California) - on my desk was a pile of RBRR entries - about 76 in all.

A fair few hand delivered ones in the first batch so thank for that and sorry I wasn't here for a chat.

Oh and writing "No 1" on the envelope doesn't work, Mrs C is too smart for that :-) You were nowhere near No1 anyway, that place must go to our ever resourceful Editor Dale Barker who will be participating in his Mk1 2000, which, according to the entry form, is painted "Cat's Ar$e Green" - poor kitty!!

I have some work to do today but will try and plough through these envelopes to get you an entry list in the next few days.


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