Wednesday, 30 November 2011

We're up to 100 entries

Yes we made it to 100 yesterday, although I made a bit of a cock-up on the list and missed one entry, entered one twice and asked someone for money when they'd already paid. Sorry about that! I've been busy at work so have only had time to process entries onto the list (which is updated in real time).

I'll try and get those acknowledgement emails out today then off to the bank with the rest of the cheques. 

So, what does this mean to the entries we receive from here in? Well as in previous years, we will draw a line at 100 and call that the "Running List", entries from here will go onto a "Reserve List" recorded in the same place. As places become available when people drop out of the Running List so Reserve List entries move up and take those places. Your entry number stays the same no matter what list you're on.

In practical terms we have three basic bottle necks that limit our numbers, The Plough parking and the two food stops. It's here where the whole field comes together and needs to be accommodated. We know we can get about 120 in the Plough, just. That doesn't account for any rouge civilians who get there before us and park where we want to!

We will work with the food stops and see if we can accommodate more, remember that each car has a min of two crew and we are seeing a few more 3 and 4 man crews - it's a lot of people to feed. Previously we have been successful in being able to squeeze more cars in but we can't confirm that for a few months yet. We will set a final number about 3 months prior to the start and communicate this to the Reserve List. It's at this time when we commit and money changes hands so we also start to lock down the event. I don't cash Reserve List entry cheques until they make it onto the Running List.

"So should I enter now, am I too late?" is often asked at this point. Well, the answer is simple,Yes you are late but enter and sit on the Reserve List, it's highly likely that there will be one or two drop outs in that first 100 but I cannot offer any guarantees. Having said that, the object of this whole process is to get as many cars out on the RBRR as possible whilst retaining good sense and order not to mention safety. We've been able to get everyone who enters in the first couple of months out on the run and never had to turn those away - yes if you pitch up in September and ask for a place there's probably not going to be any way I can get you in.

Remember, to get the up to date entry list click here and you'll see it as I publish it.


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