Thursday, 24 November 2011

Blimey, in fact crikey, 316 days to go!

Right, RBRR 2012, here we go!

Thought I’d better write something, so here goes.

At present all that really has been done is that we have opened the Event to entry by CT members. As ever Jason has done a masterful job of sifting through the Entry forms that he has received and getting them into order and acknowledging the entries.

So far it does look like the 2000/2500 range dominates the car listing. It is nice to see a number of TRs taking part this time. However, where are all the Spitties and GT6s???

So far the following Triumph types have entered:
2000/2500 range: 24no.
TR Chassis: 11no.
Stag: 9no.
Herald: 8no.
1300/Dolomite: 8no.
Spitfire: 7no.
GT6: 4no.
Vitesse: 3no.
Acclaim: 2no.
TR7/8: 2no.

Many of what would be called regular Entrants have not thrown their cards into the ring so we expect to see few of these sending through their entries this weekend.

We must take this opportunity to thank all the Entrants as so many have filled in their Entry forms and given full details, this is an enormous help. We do of course, realise that we are dealing with old cars here and that inevitably cars will be changed (It seems many CT members own more than one Triumph car, some seem to have at least 10!) and that the event is 10 months away so ‘life’ will get in the way and changes will happen. It is very helpful for us to get these changes as they happen, not in a rush on the eve of the RBRR!

We have done nothing about the Control Stops as yet, we hope that we will use the following:
1. Blythe Services
2. Scottish Border: We are looking for somewhere suitable, should anyone have an idea about a location, please contact me. CT Member Jim McGuinness is on the case and looking around at present. Ideally the stop needs to be near the A68 in the Cheviot Hills.
3. Edinburgh Airport
4. Skiach Services, A9 near Alness
5. Seaview Hotel, JOG
6. Conon Hotel, Conon Bridge
7. Morrisons Garage, Stirling
8. Tebay Services, M6. Replacing Lancaster. Tebay is a Farmers co-operative MSA (the only one in the UK) and therefore more in fitting with the ethos of the RBRR, namely British!
9. Gledrid Services, Oswestry
10. Sugar Loaf, Llandovery
11. Gordano Services, M5
12. Okehampton
13. Lands End
14. Bude Museum, Bude
15. Badgers Holt, Dartmoor
16. Glastonbury or Compton Abbas
17. TR Reg, Didcot

By looking at the above Control list one will see that the route should be very similar to that used in the 2010 event. Many taking part stated that they felt the route used in 2010 offered a good selection of the UK types of roads and therefore we do not feel the need to change too many sections.

As in recent times we will attempt to gain 'Touring Assembly Permit' from the Motorsport Association, this is some undertaking and possibly the hardest aspect of organising the RBRR.

We are looking for Marshals to man these stops. Should you be willing to help, please contact me. Please remember that one or two will be open during the middle of the night!

As ever the start and finish will be at The Plough in Crews Hill, near Jcts. 24 and 25 of the M25. It has always been a major worry about getting all the cars into the car park, but we feel that we have this licked so we are confident about the Start parking. I must make the usual plea to all crews to please remember that the M25 on a Friday afternoon is Bedlam, please give yourself plenty of time to arrive and therefore relax/chill out before the start.Last time a number of crews arrived late, increasing the stress levels of Marshals and surely themselves?

We have been in contact with Children with Cancer and they are about to open a 'Virgin Giving Homepage' that Entrants can bolt on their own Virgin Giving page onto to enable all RBRR sponsorship is easy to locate. CWC are keen for Entrants to use this method as the administration is very easy and less of a drain on CWC’s resources, obviously the cheaper the costs of for the Charity the more money will go to right places. However we must state that conventional CWC pledge forms will be available. As we seem to be in the doldrums at present we think we may struggle to reach the heady £60K and £50k of previous years, but please all Entrants give it a go. Anyone reading this, think about sponsoring someone, all money will help the little 'uns suffering from such a terrible illness as the many types of Cancer that afflicts them.

All Entrants reading this, please e-mail information about the car you intend to use as we would like to feature them on this Blog. A few words and a nice picture that shows the car off will be appreciated.

As in previous years we will keep in contact with all crews about RBRR news and information, however should anyone taking part have any questions, please call or e-mail me.

We think it is important to note that the RBRR is all about celebrating the Triumph range of motor cars and destroying the bogus BS that British cars are unreliable. If in doubt, please park up on the side of the A1, A68, A9, A82, A85, A84, M74, M6, A5, A483, A40, M5, A30, A39, A35, A338, M25 (blimey!) and watch a sight that should stir the emotions of anyone interested in UK machinery/engineeering!

Organising Team:
Entry Administration: Jason Chinn
Route Organiser and Road Book: Nigel Abdullah
Designer: James Carruthers
Sage: David Langrick
West Country Advisor: Malcolm Warren
Scottish Advisor: Jim McGuinness
Everything else (bar some stops and other such gubbins): Tim Bancroft

CT Secretary

PS 316 days to go, these will fly past, get into the garage!

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  1. Great to see Tebay Services making an appearance on the list of Control Stops.